ALM’s published today (on the web) a collection of stories on E-Discovery Trends of 2006

A recorded webinar, “Experts’ EDD Trend Watch and Product Picks,” will soon be available. I was one of five panelists for this interesting discussion. Once it’s live, I will post some thoughts about. In the mean, time four articles cover a range of EDD topics:

The Forecast for EDD (“Chief among developing trends, the EDD market is rife with confusion and ready for consolidation.”)

Piecing Together EDD’s In-House vs. Outsource Puzzle (“Most law firms and corporate legal departments turn to outside companies to help them manage and process portions of the data. Doing this can save time, money and energy — but experts say it’s important to have established relationships with reliable vendors before taking on large cases.”)

EDD Training: A Growth Industry (“Law firms and corporate counsel are dealing with EDD in different ways, but the fears are the same: sanctions such as those in the Morgan Stanley and Philip Morris cases… So let’s say you are a lawyer who is chosen to be the firm maven on EDD. Or let’s say your company wants to train a core group of lawyers. Where do you go?”)

More Than OneNote: Will Microsoft Break Into EDD? (“Microsoft is not currently offering products specifically designed for e-discovery processes, but it’s just a matter of time before it does, says Laura DiDio, research fellow at industry analyst firm The Yankee Group.”)