LexisNexis announced yesterday (7/24/06) that it has acquired DataFlight, maker of Concordance software and CaseSoft, maker of CaseMap. 

From a L-N press release: “The addition of Los Angeles-based Dataflight (www.dataflight.com) enables LexisNexis to offer attorneys evidence management capabilities via the Concordance solution. Law firms, corporations, and government agencies use Concordance as the repository of choice to organize, identify and produce critical documents in litigation.” The company will unify “data repository and workflow tool for Total Litigator, linking its own capabilities with those of LexisNexis’ other litigation products such as LexisNexis® Applied Discovery®, LexisNexis® File & Serve and LexisNexis® Court Link®”. The press release also has details on the acquisition of CaseSoft.

Another leading lit supp product, Summation, was acquired by CCH a while back. With the continuing consolidation of e-discovery generally and the moves of big legal information providers CCH and L-N to bulk up in EED and litigation support, it will be interesting to see if West or Thomson Elite makes a move.