Almost four years ago to the day, I started this “Personal Productivity” category. with a post extolling Microsoft OneNote

Four year later, I continue to depend on OneNote (now the improved 2007 version). The surprise is that more people have not heard of it, much less adopted it. So I was glad to see Product Watch by Nerino J Petro, Jr in the March 2008 issue of Law Practice. His one-page glowing review is well-deserved and closes with “The capabilities found within OneNote are truly amazing. But none are quite so amazing as the fact that this product can be purchased stand-alone for under $100. It also comes standard in many Microsoft Office 2007 versions.”

When I consider pure software products over the last 4 years, OneNote has few rivals for best personal productivity booster. I like Mozy for back-up, that’s probably the next best. VOIP and smart phones are great but more hardware and infrastructure than software. I’ll poke the proverbial hornet’s nest and say that social networking software is over-rated and perhaps a productivity drain. What are other nominees for best personal productivity booster in the last four years?