This is the second in an occasional series of “maxims” on managing legal technology. Each one is a bit edgy – you have to decide where the line is on just how true it is!  

Less is More. When trying to persuade law firm management or technology committees about doing something new, don’t write a long report or provide too much detail to start. Remember, lawyers love to find fault with proposals. The more detail, the easier it is for them to find fault. Also, more is a bore. Stick to concepts and business value initially; drop the detail. With this approach, the discussion is more likely to focus on the big picture and business benefit. Tell your audience that if they like the idea, you can develop supporting detail later. They can always nix the idea then. But if they buy into a concept to start, they will be less likely to find fault with the details later. (And if someone asks for answers to details at the outset, ask them how the answer would change their decision. This can get testy but it helps point out that without knowing the big picture, the details may not much matter.)