It’s a nice change of pace to talk about a topic instead of write about it. Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a great disussion of both legal technology, including outsourcing. 

Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams host the weekly Legal Talk Network’s Coast to Coast program. In Legal Technology: A Double Edged Sword? (overview page with link to streaming MP3), Bob and Craig interview fellow legal technology consultant Ross Kodner of Microlaw and me.

In the 30-minute program, we covered the impact of technology on jobs in law firms, the current state of outsourcing and offshoring, the relative decline in the focus on hardware in favor of software and business requirements, among other topics.

Of course I’m not disinterested, but I think it’s a good program. I also think that BigLaw should consider this converational format for some substantive updates. Many conference sessions I’ve organized in the last couple of years have been panels and participating in Legal Talk Radio persuades me that the medium is a good way to communicate.