Kroll Ontrack today acquired concept-search engine maker Engenium. 

From the press release (11/20/06): “Kroll Ontrack…. today announced the acquisition of Engenium… a leader and pioneer in intelligent search and search-related products. This acquisition signals Kroll Ontrack’s continued commitment to advancing technology that addresses the growing demand for cost-effective methods to locate relevant information from large volumes of data in support of investigations, litigation and regulatory compliance matters. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”

The EDD consolidation we are seeing means more competition. With competition comes price pressure and the need to differentiate offerings. So it does not surprise me that a top EDD vendor would buy a software product that allows it to differentiate. It will be interesting to see how current Engenium EDD customers react (and note that one listed customer is Fios, another large player).

I’m also glad to see a leading vendor emphasize the need to make document review more cost effective.