Day one of Knowledge Management for the Modern Law Firm conference was excellent. Reports and materials to follow but in the mean time, haiku. 

Joshua Fireman and I co-chair the conference and for the day one wrap up, we asked participants to submit a surprising insight, valuable lesson, or unanswered question. We had many great responses, but the most unusual were two haikus (anonymous) – the first KM ones I’ve seen:

Hidden wisdom pearls
Scattered throughout firm silos
KM seeks to find

KM dirty word
But we do it anyway
Useful nuggets sought

Update (2/25/06): original haiku corrected (above); haiku from comments promoted to main text:

Talking to clients
Not talking to each other
Talking in the dark
               – Simon Chester

Wisdom moves in light
Knowing touch is most profound
Clumsy bears break stuff
               – Andy Havens

Notes to participants (Updated 2/27/06):
1. Matter Centricity presentation – ppt download
2. Is KM Morphing to Practice Support Consulting? discussion outline
3. Making KM Client Facing – ppt download
4. We discussed the impact of practice group management. A couple of us mentioned Susan Raridon Lambreth as a leading thinker on this topic. Her recent book is Achieving Peak Performance Through Practice Management. Chapter 9, is “Knowledge Management and the Use of Technology” by Sally Gonzalez.