On July 24, Interwoven, best known in the legal market as a leading developer of document management software for large law firms, announced it will acquire e-discovery player Discovery Mining, Inc. 

According the Interwoven press release, “The acquisition of Discovery Mining extends Interwoven’s offering – the legal industry’s de-facto standard for organizing, finding, and governing matter content – by adding a service for managing eDiscovery. Most organizations do not have the infrastructure to handle large volumes of information, and are turning to companies like Discovery Mining to manage the eDiscovery process for them.”

I’ve previously written about EDD convergence, the idea that enterprise content management, storage, and “big iron” companies will end up “owning” a good part of the discovery market. This continues the trend. The twist here is that Interwoven, unlike most other enterprise content management companies, already has deep legal market domain expertise.

[For reference, here is a list of e-discovery acquisitions that I have tracked.]