I noticed today on Legal Technology Insider that Interface Software, makers of Interaction customer relationship management (CRM) software, has acquired the assets of Scout Solutions, makers of Aptus.  

According the April 19th Interaface press release,

“Interface Software announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement by which it has acquired the assets of Scout Solutions. This acquisition cements Interface Software’s leadership in the CRM space and underscores the company’s long term strength and viability as the premier provider of CRM solutions to the professional services industry.”

It will be interesting to see if this acquisition has an impact on the role of CRM in large law firms. While many firms have purchased CRM, my sense is that few are really using it effectively.

As far as I know Scout and Interface are the two products most large law firms considered because both “grew up” in the legal marketplace. I hope that the combination does not diminish innovation in CRM for law firms. To be sure, there are many “generic” CRM systems, but at least anecdotally, I’m not aware of many firms that have looked beyond these two choices for CRM.