The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) annual conference begins this weekend in Nashville.  Here is a brief preview of the panel on which I am speaking on Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014, at 130pm CDT.

The panel is Legal Industry Inflection Point: The Time for Innovation Is Now!  I am honored to join panelists Scott Rechshaffen (CKO and Shareholder, Littler) and Andrew Perlman (Professor, Suffolk Law) and moderator Gillian Power (CIO, Lathrop Gage).

The session description is:

It’s time for traditional firms to rethink how they deliver service to clients. Much change is happening within the industry, with new models of businesses providing legal services and new technologies changing how those services are provided. Some would call this the inflection point for the legal industry. Hear from our panel of experts about how the industry is evolving and how now is the time to innovate.

 We have planned an interesting and provocative discussion.  Each panelist will start with a short introduction.  I’m planning to cover my personal history of legal innovation (with a focus on tech) in three minutes!!  I hope I can do it! My slides for that below.  But you’ll have to come hear me for the details.  Hope to see you at the session – any Tweeters, please be sure to use #ILTA14 and #SPEC10 for this session.

[Update of 22 Aug 2014: My presentation, now with speaking notes, is available here.]