The recently released ILTA 2006 IT Staffing Survey indicates that KM is on the rise. 

The survey (PDF here) asks “Who Manages KM?” (chart p. 10, table p. 15). Across all 4 categories of firm size, from small to very large, the percent of firms reporting “no one manages KM” fell from 2005 to 2006.

Focusing on very large firms (500+ users), the “no one” percent fell from 49% to 27%. That means that 13 firms added a KM manager (22% of 61 responding). I find the 2005 versus 2006 data on where knowledge management reports a bit confusing. At first I thought I could tell whether the new KM managers were in IT or not but now I’m not so sure. What seems certain – and a surprise to me – is that KM reports to IT in 37% of firms responding in 2006.