There’s a great new publication out on innovation in the legal market. 

The College of Law Practice Management (of which I’m a trustee) released today an “e-zine” about legal market innovation (PDF). I’ve not had time to read it yet but saw some articles in draft and contributed a couple myself, so I know this will be a good read.

Creating this was a very significant undertaking. Many contributed but I want personally to thank Jordan Furlong, editor of the National (the flagship publication of the Canadian Bar Association) for being the editor-in-chief. Regular readers of this blog will recognize several contributors, including David Maister, Bruce MacEwen (aka Adam Smith, Esq.), and Dennis Kennedy among many others.

This publication is part of the College’s InnovAction program, which we will re-launch in connection with our annual meeting in September. Eric Mankin, whom I’ve recently referenced several times, will be our keynote speaker on the topic of Innovation.

With this post, I have also started a new blog category called Innovation and Change Management.