If you are friends with any associates laid off from large law firms, point them to Legal OnRamp for networking and resources. 

Legal OnRamp (LOR) is a social networking site exclusively for legal professionals. LOR is primarily for inhouse lawyers but is currently inviting laid-off associates to join. Once online, they will find a career center with a resources, job listings, and networking. Applicants should indicate the firm from which they were laid off.

Getting the word out about this offer is a good occasion to comment on social networks. I’ve been on Linkedin from very early (among the first 50k to join) and joined Facebook and Twitter this year. So far, I see a lot more value in LOR – which is vertically focused – than these other networks. That said, I continue to spend some time on all the networks to see how they evolve.

I feel a post about Twitter coming on in the near future. By the way, you can see my Tweets, which are mainly professional rather than personal, at http://twitter.com/ronfriedmann. Coming up with a 140-character personal profile is both fun and a challenge.