The current issue of Law Practice Today (April 2006) has several useful articles about outsourcing in the legal market. 

One of the articles is Inside vs. Outside: When Does it Make Sense for Law Firms to Outsource?, a roundtable discussion that includes several legal technology experts, consultants, and bloggers, including me. The questions answered include:

  • Is outsourcing something real or just another area of hype? What do you see happening today in the world of law firm outsourcing?
  • Often, outsourcing experts refer to the need to understand your “core business” before you outsource. What is a law firm’s core business? What are some good examples of operations a law firm might outsource?
  • What can go wrong when you outsource and how can you protect yourself?
  • Looking to the future, what do you see happening in outsourcing in the next three to five years?

This is a good read with good perspectives for anyone interested in legal outsourcing and offshoring.