Blogger and lawyer Matt Honman has a regular feature in which he asks five experts to provide five answers to a single question. He recently asked “What five new technologies should all lawyers incorpoate into their practices, but probably won’t?” 

The five replies are interesting reading as a group, ranging from general issues to some very specific suggestions. For mine, click here.

The list of the five experts is:

Jeff Beard – Attorney and Legal Services IT Manager with Caterpillar, Inc. Jeff blogs at LawTech Guru, and is a frequent national author and presenter on legal technology and practice management topics.

Ron Friedmann – Lawyer and legal technology expert. He is the founder of Prism Legal Consulting, Inc. and blogs about “Strategic Legal Technology” here.

Kevin Heller – Attorney and author of the Tech Law Advisor and Kevin Esq. weblogs. Kevin also is a contributor to the The Blawg Channel.

Jerry Lawson – Author of The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers and blogger extraordinaire, authoring or contributing to eLawyer Blog,,, Chesslinks Worldwide, and the Netlawblog and Netlawtools sites.

Dennis Kennedy – Attorney and legal technologist. Dennis is a prolific writer and speaker. Dennis blogs at the self-titled Dennis Kennedy Blog, and is one of the founding members of The Blawg Channel.