AmLaw 100 law firm Dorsey & Whitney last week announced LegalMine, an integrated e-discovery service at a fixed price per document. 

LegalMine is “a powerful tool to review huge quantities of documents – efficiently, thoroughly and accurately.” According to the FAQ page of LegalMine: “Dorsey is unaware of any other law firms currently offering a per document or per-page pricing model for document review.”

This is indeed the first I’ve heard of a law firm doing this though I know that at least three e-discovery vendors announced in 2008 fixed price services: Huron, LawScribe, and Integreon. It will be interesting to see if Dorsey’s move influences other law firms or the overall EDD market. In my January 2007 blog post, Coming E-Discovery Battle between Vendors and Firms?, I discussed potential competition between vendors and law firms for EDD consulting dollars. The dimensions of the competition seem to be expanding. That said, my guess is that Dorsey’s move will have a greater impact on other law firms than on vendors. Let the document review market share war begin!