Blogs are now old hat. How many large law firms write blogs? 

It turns out that not many. Joy London (of excited utterances) and I have compiled a directory of large US firm blogs. It includes only firm-branded blogs. It also includes large firms that have published Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for their substantive updates (but excludes firms with an RSS feed just for firm news).

I am surprised that more large firms don’t have blogs, especially since they may well have lawyers blogging. Does this reflect institutional reluctance to blog or lawyers wanting to retain complete control and ownership of their own content (in case of a lateral move). Comments on this marketing question or suggestions for additions to the list to blogs @ prismlegal dot com.

An interesting side note here…. in looking for information, I wanted to search the web sites of the AmLaw 100. I was not able to find an easy way to do so. I ended up using RollYO, a site that allows creating custom searches across up to 25 web sites. Assembling a list of the URLs, setting up four search lists, and then executing the searches was time consuming. Do AmLaw 200 marketers have better tricks for searching the web sites of their competitors?