I just came across a September 3rd press release, on the home page of Tymetrix, announcing the purchase of Tymetrix by CT Corporation (which is owned by legal publisher Walters Kluwer). Tymetrix provides e-billing software and tools for measuring law firm performance. CT provides registered agent and other corporate services. (See also the press release at the CT Corporation web site.)

Quoting from the press release: “‘The TyMetrix acquisition strengthens CT’s ability to deliver comprehensive, customer-driven solutions and furthers our overall strategy to become a full-service provider of enterprise software and services for corporate legal departments and the law firms that serve them,’ said Chris Cartwright, president and CEO of Wolters Kluwer Legal, Tax and Business North America. “

With West’s acquisition of Elite, Lexis’ of Applied Discovery, and now this, perhaps we will see some consolidation among legal market technology vendors. I have always been struck by what seems like more fragmentation in the this market than in many others. It will also be interesting to see how CT integrates Tymetrix features and systems with its existing offerings.