I recently came across an interesting new Web-based form of communication that law firms should consider for CLE and delivering client updates: web-based TV. 

My friends at ii3, Inc. recently released ii3 TV. The concept is simple: short, professionally produced TV segments streamed to a web browser. The initial topics are the business case for KM and taxonomies. These 15-minute segments are worth watching for any KM professional. More broadly though, partners or marketing departments attempting to reach clients with updates in an engaging manner should consider this format. (Professional development managers can also use this format for CLE.)

ii3 CEO Shy Alter says “As a consultancy focused on the legal market – with a special emphasis on knowledge and information management – ii3 is always looking for innovative marketing tools. We have been very successful in educating our market on knowledge and information management related business issues, via seminars and Webinars. Lately, we have turned to web-based video streaming as a means of creating widely accessible, high impact knowledge programs. We now create high quality programming that relies primarily on tightly edited interviews with peers and practitioners.”

Unlike newsletters – printed or e-mail – delivering TV over the web offers the potential to track viewing patterns. ii3 has chosen not to require registration but firms could do so. Webinars, with the combination of audio and PowerPoint slides or software demos, may not be suitable for legal content. ii3 TV illustrates how a law firm could feature several lawyers speaking about current topics. With all the dollars flowing into content prep and marketing, it seems firms should at least experiment with this media.

Speaking of ii3, I have now affiliated with the company to offer consulting services on a joint basis. I first met ii3 when I was CIO at Mintz Levin. When I started consulting, they were my first client. We’ve now transitioned our relationship to a joint venture (press release). I look forward to working with my friends at ii3 on consulting projects.

And if anyone wants details on the mechanics of this type of TV, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the production folks at ii3.