This is a call for and invitation to new voices to join the annual Knowledge & Innovation Summit, hosted by White & Case LLP on February 6, 2020. We seek legal innovation speakers.

For over 15 years, knowledge management leaders of largest US, UK and Canadian law firms have gathered in a privately organized meeting to compare notes on current developments in KM, innovation, and the business of law. As many of our participants have added Innovation to their title or function in recent years, we are formally expanding the scope of our meeting.

If you work on innovation within legal and have a great success story to share, we would love to hear from you! If you are interested to join, please complete the submission form. The form is a Google document; if it does not open for you at work, your organization my block it – try a non-work network. For your reference, I’ve appended the form questions below. The form explains the parameters of the speaking opportunity

Oz Benamram, V. Mary Abraham, Lucy Dillon, and Ron Friedmann.

[For reference, this Summit produces the annual KM Survey I publish.]

Submission Form


Knowledge & Innovation Summit 2020
We are inviting new voices to join the annual Knowledge & Innovation Summit, hosted by White & Case on February 6, 2020. Anyone who has personally worked on an innovation initiative in the legal market may apply. This includes law firm lawyers or staff, in-house counsel or staff, consultants, or service providers. Two people can submit jointly. In fact, we urge consultants and providers to partner with customers. Presentations run 10 or 15 minutes, with or without slides or handouts. We will consult with the wider group of event participants and expect to let you know if you have been selected by early December.

Contact Information (a few fields)

One Sentence Description of the Innovation
If selected, this text will appear in the program. Innovation projects of most interest typically involve a combination of technology and process improvement but we will consider other types of projects.

One Paragraph Description of the Innovation
Address the problem the project was solving, how the initiative evolved, what the initiative does, and metrics of success or impact. Ideally, you will also address briefly the next stages of the project.

Comments and Qualifiers
Anything else you want to share with the organizers, write below. Please note, the organizers retain complete discretion to manage the process, voting and ultimate selection. For purposes of confidentiality, treat both this selection process and the meeting as public. We have participants who tweet and/or blog and, if selected, your session may appear publicly.