As my blog grows, I wonder about some of the KM implications of blogging. Of course, I am still relatively new (one month) to blogging and have yet to explore the various software options. But it strikes me that blogs are yet another source of potentially useful knowledge to capture and re-use. As with collections of documents, some blog postings are worth keeping and others not (yes, even some of mine are not worth keeping!). So the question is how to capture and re-use the good postings.

As someone who is pretty disciplined, I would value a feature that lets me add fielded meta-data to my blog postings. I would use these to assign a taxonomical classification and a measure of “half-life,” that is, an indicator of whether a posting might still be interesting in 3, 6, 12, or 24 months. Without some type of meta-data like this, capturing postings will rely either on manual review or advanced semantic analysis. The former is expensive and the latter not necessarily reliable.

I would love to hear from any experienced bloggers if I’m overlooking an issue or if there is an easy software solution.

I will leave my blog readers to ponder this for about 10 days as I will be on vacation starting June 29th for about one week