It’s always good to know what your boss is thinking. Now, BigLaw CIOs can. 

Law Firm Leaders Have Mergers on the Mind in LawFirmInc. (2/12/07) reports on the magazine’s first-ever survey of large law firm COOs. The survey has a very respectable 42% response from the AmLaw 200.

The Year Ahead chart confirms that mergers are hot. It also holds two findings that surprise me: (1) doing more business intelligence ranks closely behind mergers and (2) only 1 firm reports “identifying opportunities to outsource administrative functions” as top-3 priority for 2007. I’ve been following both carefully and would have thought BI a bit less hot and outsourcing much hotter.

The Management Table holds its own surprises: 14 firms added a litigation support department in 2006. Hello, what were they doing previously??? Also surprising is that knowledge management is not on the list. I suspect LawFirmInc did not ask about this, which is a shame.