I started my career in legal technology in 1989. For most practical purposes, this means I was in the legal market at the beginning of the PC revolution. And I had many colleagues who shared with me their technology experiences from the prior decades. For readers who may be frustrated at times with technology today, it’s helpful to think how far we’ve come. 

The current issue of the American Lawyer magazine has published my article, Back to the Future in the AmLaw Tech supplement. I had fun writing this – you may have fun reading it.

The online version did not include three “sidebars,” which are available here.

Also of note, this is the last quarterly issue of AmLaw Tech as a stand-alone magazine. Quoting editor Mark Voorhees in his Editor’s Letter: “It is time now to bid adieu to AmLaw Tech, the publication but not the concept.” The supplement will appear annually in June, with the annual tech survey. A new AmLaw Tech column will appear in the main magazine. Why? Voorhees explains: “After compensation and rent, [technology] is the largest expense at most firms. We want to recognize the central role that technology palys at firms by covering it in our flagship rather than relegating it to a supplement.”