We are overwhelmed by information and data. What we lack is the wisdom and insight to take simple steps to improve what we do. So I am pleased to see a new service and website that focuses on the latter rather than the former. 

Attorney at Work is a new website that “promises you one really good idea every day.” These ideas are for practicing lawyers and for law practice managers. An all-star cast of legal market thought leaders offers concise, practical, and actionable tips in digestable form – just 300 to 500 words. Sign up here for daily e-mail. Or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The service just went live but I am already impressed with the daily tips and advice. Examples include not obsessing over new technology (what, moi?) and dealing with an angry client.

Speaking of technology, Attorney at Work raises an interesting question of choosing to get information by e-mail versus an RSS feed. Both are available but this service stresses e-mail. I think for busy lawyers and law practice managers, that is the right answer. My anecdotal survey suggests that RSS users are overwhelmed by information rivers and oceans (hat tip to Toby Brown at 3 Geeks). And I regularly fear the echo chamber effect, so I do not want to assume widespread RSS use; in fact, I suspect the percent is smaller than many think.

Delivery mechanisms is a topic for another day. Whatever way works for you, I suggest you subscribe.