We in the legal market know about the e-discovery explosion. The shock waves now reach outside legal. 

MetaLincs Debuts Discovery Software in the 8/22 issue of eWeek magazine describes new e-discovery software. I’ve been reading eWeek for years and recall only one or two prior feature story on discovery software. Interestingly, the featured product is new to me (other interesting search tools are described here and here)

The article notes that with “more and more enterprises finding themselves under intense scrutiny due to regulatory compliance mandates and litigation pressures, e-mail and document discovery is fast becoming a labor-intensive proposition laced with inconsistency and a small margin of error.” eWeek describes the company’s software as including features for “indexing, processing, search, review, reporting and production.” Visual displays are a key aspect; the company CTO explains that the “software presents customers with a visual representation of the relationships between people, time, documents, events and communication patterns based on appropriate context and search criteria.”

More information at the company web site.