I am a long-time fan of the UK-based Legal Technology Insider and its companion Orange Rag blog. So I was pleased to learn that a US edition launches soon. 

From a PDF-flyer:

“American Legal Technology Insider – a new publication focusing on the large firms sector of the US and Canadian legal IT industry. From the same publishing company as the UK’s market leading newsletter Legal Technology Insider and The Orange Rag breaking news blog, and edited by the Insider’s award winning lawyer-turned editor Charles Christian, American Legal Technology Insider (or ALTi) will follow the UK newsletter’s formula of treating vendor and industry news as real news. Concentrating on the large firms market, along with news stories on who is buying what, the latest trends and developments in legal technology, staff appointments and moves, and vendor corporate news, regular features of American Legal Technology Insider will include: a guest thought leader/opinion piece by a vendor, consultant or law firm IT director; a round-up of the biggest deals of the month; a front page slot covering the product launch of the month; plus ‘up and running’ – an implementation or upgrade case study; and previews and reviews of all the major North American legal IT events.”

To receive this new publication, send e-mail to altisubs at legaltechnology dot com or visit http://www.americanlegaltechnologyinsider.com/ (this will go live on or around 7 August 2008, when the first issue launches; for now, this URL points to the Orange Rag blog).

Much as I am a friend and fan of Law Tech News, I think it will be good for the US legal technology market to have a competing publication.