I recently received a new legal technology magazine in the mail. I was surprised because I had no prior notice of it. And I was disappointed.  

I was going to remain silent about my reaction to NextGen_Law, published by the Daily Journal Corporation because I think the market has room for publications to compete with Law Technology News. But reading Bob Ambrogi’s A New Legal Technology Magazine emboldened me.

It’s fair to characterize Bob’s review as scathing and I share his concerns plus have my own. I too found the content tired. Moreover, it was not clear what size law firm the editors are targeting. Some content seemed geared for solos, some for large firms. I think that is hard to pull off as the requirements differ quite substantially. I personally found the lay-out and graphics off-putting.

I’m a big fan of LTN but also value multiple voices. For anyone looking for another perspective, I would stick with American Edition of Legal Technology Insider, which launched last summer.