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Online Services Update

I recently came across a very well-done white paper, Online Strategies for Law Firms 2004, on online legal services by Charles Christian, Editor & Publisher, Legal Technology Insider. It provides an insightful analysis of the current state of online legal services, especially in

Impact of Legal Technology in the Next Decade

In celebration of Law Technology News’ 10th anniversary edition (October 2003), former managing editor Robert J. Ambrogi posed two questions to a dozen plus people, including me, who are deeply involved with legal technology. In The Future, The Past, Ambrogi asks one question ab

Thoughts on the Paucity of Online Legal Services

Why are there so few commercial online interactive legal advisors (online legal services)? One explanation is lack of demand. This seems unlikely. Both corporations and consumers are desperate for affordable advice and, unlike lawyers, seem not to care who provides it or how. Lack of

Unauthorized Practice of Law ("UPL") Suit and Implications for Online Services reports in Group Alleges Document Prep Service Provides Legal Advice by Nonlawyers (9/24/03) that the Texas “Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee filed suit on Sept. 17 against a California-based company, alleging that it operates a document preparation service which p

Morgan Lewis Announces "Morgan Lewis Resources"

In a press release dated September 10th, Morgan Lewis announces Morgan Lewis Resources, the firm’s “NEW ENTERPRISE TO ASSIST COMPANIES WITH FEDERAL COMPLIANCE NEEDS.” According to the release, “Morgan Lewis, one of the 10 largest U.S. law firms, today announced

New Online Service: 50 State HIPAA Study

The September issue of American Lawyer reports, in Robert J. Ambrogi’s article Making Money Online (Finally) about a new online service, Ambrogi explains that a healthcare coalition wanted a 50-state guide to medical privacy law, prior to the April 14, 2003

Online Legal Services: Distinguishing B2C from B2B

A recent article on, Online Divorce Services Spark Debate, discusses Web sites that offer consumers assistance with divorces via document creation. The two sites featured in the article are CompleteCase and legalzoom. The article explores the pros and cons of self-help sites:

New Ways to Reach Out to Clients

Yesterday I noticed an ad in the Wall Street Journal for a new service that deliver news and quotes via instant messaging (IM). I tried it just now and it seems pretty useful and unobtrusive, at least so far. A few years ago, most law firms would have scoffed at the idea that they wou

Law Firms Get in on the Action (that is, online compliance)

In my prior two postings, I discuss two companies offering products designed to help prevent litigation by assisting with compliance issues. I observed that this is a space that law firms generally do not occupy. That is not entirely true. Law firm Bryan Cave is a technology innovator

Online Compliance System Offered by J.P. Morgan Chase

A short piece in the June 16th Information Week titled Get A Handle On Risk reports on new Web-based self-assessment software offered by J.P. Morgan Chase to help companies comply with the regulatory requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. I was intrigued by this since it sounded like the ban