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The Future of Contract Management

What is the future of contract management? I ask for two reasons. First, we have seen an explosion in software start-ups focused on various elements of drafting or managing contracts. And second, in the last month I saw demos of and LawGeex. Synergist’s tag line is

Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2017 Survey

I report here on a recent, privately conducted knowledge management survey of large law firms. Mary Abraham, Oz Benamram and I conduct this survey in preparation for a meeting of KM professionals in February. Learning about current KM priorities and interests inform our agenda. We sha

Is 2017 the Year of Legal Data Analytics? Jackson Lewis’ New Team

In this post, I interview Jackson Lewis Principal Eric J. Felsberg about a team of statisticians and data scientists he leads. (See the firm’s 22 November 2016 press release for additional detail.) Introduction I think 2017 is more likely to be the year of legal data analytics and dat

What Will be Hot in 2017?

Legal IT Today asked several commentators, including me, to answer three questions about 2017. The questions and my answers appear below. You can download the entire PDF issue here. See the end of this post for list of other commentators who answer the questions. Q: In your field of e

Legal Market on the March

The legal market has been on the march in the last few days, despite the the long US Thanksgiving weekend. I highlight here, in two related groups, a few news items of note… Law Firm Business Services Staffing May Be Up For Grabs The Lawyer magazine has a long and interesting re

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Legal – Why the Hype?

I’ve been thinking lately about why there is so much hype recently among lawyers and legal market commentators about artificial intelligence (AI). I was not ready to put hands to keyboard for a full explanation, so on Sunday I recorded a short video on Twitter stating my prelimi

Client Facing KM and AI: Opportunities and Challenges

Client facing KM (knowledge management) and AI (artificial intelligence) have been topics of conversation at conferences and in articles for years. I revisited this topic when in a recent presentation at the International Bar Association Annual meeting in Washington, DC. My slides are

ILTA Recap – Spot Video Interviews and Blog Posts

Last week I attended ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Here is a recap of my activities for the week. The first section has links to the three sessions I attended and live blogged. The second has a pictorial summary of the session on the b

Bots, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI – Disruption or Incremental Change?

The legal media has lately had a mania for tech headlines. Many commentators claim that tech, especially artificial intelligence (AI), will do something to Big Law. I disagree. Tech more likely will do something in it: incremental change. I start with the case against disruption, then

Machine Learning (AI) to Answer to Legal Questions: Blue J Legal

With artificial intelligence headlines appearing daily, making sense of it is hard. I doubt it will disrupt Big Law but believe it can create significant practice efficiencies. To get beyond the hype, it’s helpful to look at specific AI applications. So I was pleased to talk twi