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IBM Watson for Contract Analytics at Legal OnRamp

In a prior post on IBM Watson, I noted that Legal OnRamp uses Watson “to process and understand high volumes of contracts.” I describe here more about this and provide context about Watson and contract analytics. Legal OnRamp Uses IBM Watson to Analyze Contracts OnRamp describes itsel

Improving Contract Management and Analysis

For over two decades, eDiscovery and computer assisted review hogged the legal technology limelight. Now, tools to improve contract management and analysis finally have hit the market.  I share here why two fairly new products – Seal Software and DiligenceEngine – are good

Lines Between Legal Businesses Blur – Law Firm as LPO – Radiant Law

Radiant Law, a new model UK law firm founded in 2011, announced today that the firm is opening its own legal process outsourcing (LPO) center in South Africa. To be sure, many large firms have opened low cost service centers. Just this week, for example, Hogan Lovells announced a low-

Can Law Firms Tap Latent Market for Corporate Contract Management?

I often wonder why more corporations do not deploy enterprise contract management systems.  These systems manage the entire contracting process, including negotiation, drafting, execution, and rights management.  Already in 2004, I suggested (blog post) contract management was a big o

Can We Do Less Law? (ILTA Presentation)

At the International Legal Technology Association 2013 meeting in Las Vegas today, I gave a short presentation asking if we can “Do Less Law”. I was one of several panelists the IT Catalyst. Below is the outline of my speech, with links to sources I cited. INTRO OPENING I

Roundup: EDD, Contract Management Software, MS and CRM, Salary Wars

In this Roundup: e-discovery updates, consolidation in contract management software, Microsoft as a BigLaw CRM, some legal market news of general interest. E-Discovery Jeff Beard has a nice blog posts of highlights from a recent IPQC EDD conference, Key Issues Covered at the 4th E-Dis

BigLaw and Contract Management – Google as Opportunity Missed?

Google seeks a staff person to to start a contract management program. I’ve suggested that BigLaw is missing out in helping corporations manage contracts. Perhaps the Google example illustrates the point. The job description says “Google, the award-winning search engine, i

Contract Management

It’s that time of year for predictions. I have previously suggested that law firms with outsourcing practices have an opportunity to help their clients not just draft complex contracts, but also manage them once signed. In 2005, we will likely see more corporations adopt contrac

Embedded Law Systems

I have previously suggested that corporate cost pressures will cause inhouse counsel to seek “embedded law systems,” that is, software that automatically detects possible legal problems. A recent press release by Aungate and an article on law firm outsourcing practices cau