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Roundup (10/30/06)

In this roundup, coverage on outsourcing, innovation, an EED acquisition, and BigLaw web site awards.  Outsourcing | Offshoring India needs to hone legal process outsourcing skills in the Business Standard (of India, 10/31/06) reports that when it comes to legal outsourcing, Indi

New York Times Reports on Law Firm Outsourcing

More confirmation today from the New York Times that outsourcing is a big trend in BigLaw.  Law Firms Are Starting to Adopt Outsourcing (10/27/06) reports on large law firms that have outsourced functions. I’ve already blogged on the examples cited in detail (Clifford Chanc

Thomson Reorganizes

The Thomson Corporation announced a re-organization yesterday. Law firms should take note since Thomson is a major supplier of both content and software.  It will be interesting to see if this affects what Thomson – Elite – West delivers to BigLaw. The press release (

Records Management and EED

Should law firms have records management policies? Risk management partners say yes but many firms struggle to define or implement a policy. Not having one can have consequences.  Church Group Suing Weil Gotshal Claims Firm Withheld E-Mails (NYLJ, 10/23/06) reports that a Weil Go

Possible KM Cutback at Freshfields

Law firm knowledge management leader Freshfields is considering KM cutbacks and re-organization.  Freshfields profits drive targets Italian partners and City back-office (LegalWeek, 10/20/06) reports that the firm may reduce staff to enhance profits. Freshfields has “put fo

IT: Innovation Driver or Barrier?

BigLaw has become more business-like but much still sets them apart from corporations. One differentiator is the role of information technology (IT) in innovation.  Innovation expert Eric Mankin‘s IT & Innovation: Out Of Sync? in Optimize magazine (Oct 2006) explains t

Interpreting the AmLaw Tech 2006 Survey

Law Firm, Inc. has published the 2006 AmLaw Tech Survey (11th Annual). What do we make of the findings?  “The technology chiefs of the Am Law 200 firms who responded report that they are tackling a bevy of new projects that update old concerns and applications — integ

Incremental Innovation

Should innovation be sudden, abrupt, and revolutionary? Or should it be incremental?  Nicolas Carr, author of the Harvard Business Review article “IT Doesn’t Matter” that stirred much debate, now questions the shibboleth that “If innovation is a good that

Roundup (10/15/06)

In this roundup: cost savings in e-disccovery, an argument against using decision trees for litigation risk analysis; how White & Case promotes working virtually; the first legal market “mashup”; and more bad proposed bar rules.  E-Discovery (EED) E-Mail Analytic

Lawyers' Duty of Care in EED

The current issue of Law Technology News has an excellent roundtable discussion on what lawyers must do to ensure that EED processing works. Not addressed however, is an equally interesting question: the duty of care for lawyers reviewing documents.  EDD Showcase: Worst Case Scen