Online Legal Services as of June 2004

This is the list of online legal services that was current as of January 2006. It is superseded by a more recent update and appears here for historical reference purposes. This page contains two tables, one for large law firms and law departments and one for companies.

Large Law Firms and Law Departments

(Alphabetic Order by Firm or Company Name)

(Service Name)
Type of Service Description of Service (with URL) and Date Last Checked
Addleshaw Goddard

Employment Products

Employment law content Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

“Emplaw provides access to over 2,000 commentary “fact cards” on employment law and includes summaries and headnotes of more than 1,200 cases, including all cases reported in ICR and IRLR since January 2000. It also provides a vast range of hyperlinks to source materials and a regularly updated version of Employment Rights Act 1996 with annotations and amendments noted in colour. This is a subscription service.”

“The Employment Channel offers you television over the internet. We produce employment news and training programmes for HR managers and line managers and deliver them direct to your PC. So, you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it”
Employment Channel

Allen & Overy

A range of offerings

Document creation and sharing

Financial analytic services

Substantive resources

Quoting from the firm’s online products Web page: November 2004

CSAnalytics extracts data from the ISDA collateral opinions and provides guidance on the enforceability of collateral arrangements in over 30 jurisdictions. CSAnalytics makes cross-jurisdictional comparative analyses possible and enables ISDA members who subscribe to adopt a consistent approach to global collateral management. To find out more click above and activate demo.(this service is provided by Derivative Services LLP, an affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP)

Euro-Commercial Paper
An on-line resource which summarises some currency related, selling and certain other restrictions incidental to the issues of debt instruments under euro-commercial paper programmes.

Global Shareweb
An on-line resource to assist with the implementation and administration of global share and share option plans across multiple jurisdictions.

Medium Term Notes
An on-line resource which summarises some currency related, selling and certain other restrictions incidental to the issues of debt instruments under medium term note programmes.

netalytics extracts data from the ISDA netting opinions and provides guidance on the ability to close-out net in more than 40 jurisdictions. netalytics makes cross-jurisdictional comparative analyses possible and is available to ISDA members who subscribe. To find out more click above and activate demo. (this service is provided by netalytics DSI GP, a joint venture between ISDA and Derivative Services LLP, an affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP.)

newchange caseroom
A case specific, secure and on-line case management system. (this service is provided by Spitalfields LLP, an affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP.)

newchange dealroom
A deal specific, secure and on-line transaction management system.

newchange documents
An on-line automated document assembly system used for efficient drafting of standard legal documents. (this service is provided by Spitalfields LLP, an affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP.)

Real Estate Room
A document management system designed to assist with the management of property portfolio documents.

Appleby Spurling & KempeJust AS&K Document creation and incorporation management Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

“Welcome to Just AS&K [Inc], the only interactive Internet site for the incorporation of Bermuda companies. Register as an e-client with AS&K’s flagship electronic product and manage all aspects of the incorporation process in a secure environment. ”

See also an interesting article about this site by Warren Cabral, a partner of Appleby Spurling & Kempe: Designing Your Web Site, June 2002,Legal Technology News.

Baker & McKenzie

Ba kerMAKS
Law in Context

Collaboration, KM, and project management

Content and training

Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
BAKERMAKS is Baker & McKenzie’s Web-based management and knowledge system that combines a rich database of legal information with sophisticated project management and collaboration tools. It helps our lawyers and clients leverage knowledge across projects, practice areas, jurisdictions and time zones.
The BAKERMAKS system combines legal precedents, local regulatory issues and attorney research with best practices and know-how. It enhances our ability to partner with clients, allowing us to complete complex projects more efficiently and to share and make use of acquired knowledge.

BakerMAKS“LawInContext Pte. Ltd. is a venture of the global law firm of Baker & McKenzie. We provide online legal information, knowledge management and training services tailored to select communities of clients. Recognizing the gap between traditional legal services and generic published legal information, LawInContext, or LINX, was formed to fill this gap by supplying customized information and training.It is difficult for many companies to obtain easy access to up-to-date legal and tax information on a cost effective basis.Training personnel on current tax, legal and regulatory issues can also be a challenge for many corporations. While an abundance of generic legal information is published online, little is adapted to the exact global needs of specific businesses. LawInContext does not provide its subscribers with a mass of laws — rather we distinguish ourselves by providing a tailored distillation of the legal and tax issues relevant to a target community.”
Law in Context (June 2004)
Beauchamps Soliciters

Grow on Line

Advice for e-commerce in Ireland Quoting from Beauchamp’s separate web site for this service: May 2004

“Growonline, run by Beauchamps Solicitors,one of Ireland’s leading law firms, is a one stop service that will assist you in setting up and running an e-business in Ireland”

Berwin Leighton PaisnerComplyToday Data protection compliance Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

“e-businesses operating in the UK are facing a new challenge: how to comply with the strict laws regulating the use of personal information.
The Data Protection Act 1998 affects businesses operating on the web in such a way that complying with data protection becomes a management issue.
complytoday is a modular service that has been specifically designed to help e-businesses achieve compliance in a seamless and cost-effective way.”
There are five modules:

  • Module 1 – Quick reference information pack
  • Module 2 – Dealing with new Notification regime to cover online processing
  • Module 3 – Customised Privacy Policy
  • Module 4 – Checklist to deal with access requests
  • Module 5 – Standard clauses for transferring data overseas

Note that the firm links to beprofessional on its home page. Interestingly, I could not find this mentioned else where on Berwin’s site and the only reference I found on beprofessional is that the Managing Director was formerly with Berwins.

Blake DawsonVirtual Lawyer

“SALT” Compliance

Virtual legal advice

Online compliance training

Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

“A Virtual Lawyer system is an Internet delivered expert system used to solve problems, provide advice, answer legal questions or intelligently collect information.
A Virtual Lawyer system takes the user through an interactive questions and answer session drawing conclusions and identifying legal issues based on the answers given.”
[The firm offers systems for advertising and trade promotion.]

BDW – Legal Technology – Virtual Lawyer Systems

OTHER INFORMATION re virtual lawyers:
“Virtual Lawyer — Advertising’ will question a brand manager about the terms used in an advertisement. It then renders a verdict on whether an ad breaks Australian advertising law or regulations.”Legal Advice Without the Lawyer, National Law Journal, November 15, 1999

“salt (‘Self Administered Legal Training’) is an innovative, award-winning web-based training tool developed by the Legal Technology Group at Blake Dawson Waldron, one of Australia’s premier law firms and an acknowledged international leader in the use of technology. Through a series of easy-access training courses, salt ensures that members of your organisation understand their legal obligations in the workplace as well as keeping them up-to-date with recent changes in law — all in one complete, user-friendly package that can be tailored to your individual needs.”

salt compliance training solution

Bond PearceBrand Protect Trademark and domain name management Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

“Brand Protect offers an integrated approach to the development and management of your trade mark and domain name portfolio. It provides a comprehensive registration, renewal and protection service for your brands.”

Brand Protect Introductory Page

Bryan Cave

Trade Zone

No Zone

Virtual Legal Advice and online compliance training Quoting from the firm’s Web site: June 2004

  • TradeZoneSM: The on-line way to obtain accurate, up-to-the-minute legal advice and opinions regarding specific international trade transactions.
  • NoZoneSM For Supervisors: Train your supervisors to recognize and respond to discrimination and harassment in the workplace with this engaging, interactive on-line course, customized to reflect your corporate policies and recent legal mandates.
  • NoZoneSM For Employees: Build a harassment-free workplace, with this innovative and interactive on-line training program designed to teach all employees how to recognize and avoid discrimination and harassment, and how to report it when it happens.

“A client preparing to import or export goods can access the firm’s Trade Zone’ site answers a series of detailed questions The site flashes a red light’ if an answer indicates the deal is likely to run into international trade snags No Zone’ trains workplace supervisors in the thorny arena of harassment law.” National Law Journal, June 26, 2000

Clifford ChanceA Range of Offerings Advice, alerts, legal source material, other information Quoting from the firm’s Web site: Dec 2005

Online Services Overview

“We cover legal and business issues across a range of sectors and disciplines, from banking and investment to insurance and compliance. So you can rely on us keeping you up-to-date in the areas that interest you. Whether it’s a brief overview of a recent ruling, or an in-depth training tool on a key area of law, our goal is the same – to provide well-informed, accessible and accurate information that will help you to achieve more.”

Alert Services:

Finance Industry — “The complexity and speed of change of the financial markets can cause information overload. To counter this, Alerter: Finance Industry sends you concise email digests of ‘must know’ legislative and regulatory developments from around the world.”

Communications & Media — “An increased amount of communications legislation and the transparency of regulatory activity across markets requires specialist legal advice. To counter this, Alerter: Communications & Media sends you concise email digests of ‘must know’ legislative and regulatory developments within Europe and beyond.”

Energy — “The energy market is a dynamic market. Liberalisation of the energy markets has already led to many new regulations and increased market activity. It is therefore vital to keep up-to-date with recent developments. To counter this, Alerter: Energy sends you concise email digests of ‘must know’ legislative and regulatory developments within Europe and beyond.”

Cross Border Guides

Acquisitions — “Structuring and executing modern M&A transactions can be difficult and highly complex — especially in multi-jurisdictional deals or in public company acquisitions. Cross Border Acquisition Guide helps potential acquirers and their advisers by assessing complex M&A transactions, assists sellers and their advisers by identifying ways of maximising value and ensuring swift execution; and helps financiers and their advisers to structure their deal.”

Financing – “Structuring modern financing solutions can be difficult and highly complex. Accessing information critical to the proper structuring of a cross border transaction is essential to the success of a deal. Cross Border Financing Guide gives you online access to the information that can make or break your deal.”

Compliance and Extranets

COMPLY – Online compliance training:

” * trains staff on complex competition / antitrust law issues [EU, US, Canada]

* tests staff with a bank of pre-prepared questions selected at random and

* monitors staff progress, with a verifiable audit trail of pass rates.”

CliffordChanceConnect is a powerful and easy to use Online Service that allows clients to exchange information with Clifford Chance and other involved parties quickly and securely.

Overview of Online Services

Davis Polk Global Collateral Advisor Virtual Legal Advice “Davis Polk’s Global Collateral Project focuses on cross-border financings, allowing clients to enter the variables for a specific transaction and pull up legal analysis the firm has rendered – for those or similar variables – in the past.”

Legal Advice Without the Lawyer, National Law Journal, November 15, 1999

Denton Wilde SapteLeasebank Standard lease documents and advice Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“Every day we come across standard leasing documents which have not stood the test of time. By placing our regularly updated Standard Documents in Leasebank, we are providing members with a modern and effective means of keeping their documents up to date. Members can also obtain advice on a specific clause whilst in a particular document”
“This service is complimentary to existing clients of the leasing department. The annual fee for non-clients is £10,000 (refundable on first transaction instructions).” sp
EvershedsOnline Services

Brand Complete


Content rich web site and extranets
Brand monitoringe-learning
Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

Knowledge Banks
“Eversheds has created a unique package of online services to enhance the way you work with us and equip you with business-critical know-how on your desktop. This has been developed with our clients and brings together some of the world’s leading information providers, our own lawyers’ know-how, and news as it breaks about your business and key market sectors. In addition, our secure portal service provides the latest in project and deal room technology and is now available for you to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

  • Portal service: Manage your project or deal online; Access our Knowledge Banks; Distribute your documents securely; Build a secure document library
  • Knowledge Banks e-Learning: Cost-effective, time-effective and puts you in control. Legal training for the 21st Century.”

Eversheds Online ServicesBRANDcomplete
“BRANDcomplete has been developed by Eversheds with MarkMonitor (a leading web surveillance company) to enable clients to develop and manage their brands on the web. It also protects businesses against abuse of their trade marks and domain names on the Internet. By combining the sophisticated real time search technologies of MarkMonitor with Eversheds’ expertise, BRANDcomplete provides invaluable and unique support to brand and trade mark owners.” e/home.asp

“Eversheds’ e-learning is a unique series of online training programmes from one of the world’s largest law firms. If you have access to the Internet then you have access to our training. You choose when the training takes place, where it takes place and who receives it. Covering major legal topics crucial to business, you can keep up to date, ensure compliance and give your staff the knowledge they need. The range of subjects we cover is growing all the time. And, as the programmes are created by some of the top lawyers around, you can be sure that the things you learn really work in the real world. It’s cost-effective, time-effective and puts you in control. Legal training for the 21st Century begins here.”
Online Services – e-Learning

Eversheds partner Kevin Doolan explains, in a published article, the background for offering the services described above. “I.T. @ Eversheds”, November 2002, Legal Technology News

Foley & LardnereFoley Web-based document drafting for IP, varied resources for HR, patent application software Based on a January 2003 article in Corporate Legal Times
This article focuses on how Johnson Controls is using Extranets to control legal costs. Discussing Foley & Lardner, the article reports that Foley lawyers have saved 30% of the time to draft IP contracts because “the IP section of Foley’s extranet allows a Johnson Controls lawyer to generate customized non-disclosure, joint development or licensing agreements in real time simply by filling out a web-based questionnaire.”Separately, Foley also provides content for HR issues, including “checklists, precedents, forms, white papers, legal updates and practical advice on employment law problems” The system also includes an “e-orientation >New features are planned. “Foley is now developing software that will streamline the patent application and disclosure process and make it more efficient by ensuring that all of Johnson Controls’ 2,000 engineers around the world have access to the same information.”
Johnson Controls Exploits Power of Law Firm Extranets by Julius Melnitzer, Corporate Legal Times, Page 21, January 2003For more information, see eFoley which, as of May 2004, provides content only.
General ElectricVirtual Patent Advisor Virtual Legal Advice and online research Quoting from the American Lawyer magazine:
“[T]he Virtual Patent Advisor allows lawyers and engineers to enter information about a product under development and quickly find out about potential patent problems… ‘We have taken a process that took months and reduced it to real time, maybe fifteen minutes’ say Robert Lampe, Jr. a senior patent lawyer at Power Systems.”
The American Lawyer, March 1998 [Article is not on the web]
Gilbert and Tobin Online compliance training, trademark management Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“Gilbert + Tobin has provided compliance eLearning solutions to over 70 major Australian corporations since 1995. Our ComplianceNet eLearning programs are stimulating and engaging, having been developed by experts who draw on international research, client feedback, developing standards, industry experience and ‘know how’. Our ComplianceNet Trade Practices and Privacy programs are easy compliance solutions with efficient measuring tools. They have many key benefits to help you manage complex areas of legal risk. They are cost-effective solutions and have been developed for employees at all levels.”
ComplianceNet eLearning: Trade Practices and Privacy“G+T Online Trade Marks is a web-based program to help Gilbert + Tobin clients manage their trade mark portfolios more efficiently.”Trade Marks
HammondsHammonds Direct

High volume conveyancing, commercial and residential; commercial debt recovery Quoting the firm’s Web sites: May 2004
“HammondsDirect is one of the UK’s leading volume conveyancing firms. With over 300 personnel across two locations, HammondsDirect are currently completing on over 4,000 conveyancing cases every month. We attract these cases from a variety of channels including high street lenders, house builders and estate agents. Additionally our retail brand, legalmove, receives instructions direct from consumers. What makes the HammondsDirect service superior is our commitment to both our highly developed and award-winning technology and the tailoring of our service to our clients’ individual requirements.”
Hammonds Direct
“ the UK’s first ‘instruction to completion’ online conveyancing service brought to you by one of the UK’s top firms of conveyancing solicitors, HammondsDirect. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, lets you keep up-to-date with your move completely online[:]

  • a fixed competitive fee with no hidden charges 24 hour realtime online access to your up to the minute case details
  • telephone support if you need it 7 days a week
  • online updates on your case progress
  • a quicker home move”

Hugh James Ford SimeyClick2Law Documents, fixed fee packages, guidance notes and in-take questionnaires for commercial, personal, and Internet law Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“Click2law is the dedicated Business Centre website of Hugh James Solicitors. The site aims to provide quality legal and advisory services to the SME and Corporate sector.Free Business Briefings and comprehensive Business FAQs complement a library of legal documents, fixed fee packages, guidance notes and instruction questionnaires to provide your business with a wealth of legal services and information.”
Keller & HeckmanPackaging Law Feature articles, e-mail notification, and Q&A pages for food packaging industry Summarizing information from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

Law firm operated web site for the food packaging industry. Features include monthly focus report (several articles on one topic), archives of prior articles, e-mail alerts, and “Ask an Attorney:’
“® invites you to submit a question related to packaging law to the Keller and Heckman packaging law practice team. We’ll pose your question to the team members, and we’ll post your question — along with their response — right here on within a few days. Of course, we can’t promise that we’ll answer every question you pose, especially if an accurate response would require significant time for us to research. You have the ear of the country’s leading experts on packaging law, so fire away!”

LinklatersBlue Flag

Dispute Toolkit

Competition eLearning

Advice, document creation, e-learning, and transaction management Quoting from the firm’s Web site: November 2004

Blue Flag
“Linklaters Blue Flag® is the way Linklaters delivers legal services electronically.Speed and ease of access
Instant access from your desktop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Fast, intuitive, user friendly design
All users across your organisation drawing on the same source of legal expertise Scope
In-depth legal advice and information
Broad geographic coverage
Cost effective access across your firm, for unlimited users
Using technology to improve your business process
Linklaters’ expertise
Constantly updated”

Blue Flag offerings: Derivatives, Directors’ Duties, Employee Share Plans, FSMA Litigation, Funds, Netmark, Pensions, Regulatory, Shareholding Disclosure
Blue Flag main page

Dispute Toolkit
“The Linklaters Dispute Toolkit is an innovative and efficient service providing free, web-based access to clauses on dispute resolution.The Dispute Toolkit gives you:

  • precedent arbitration, jurisdiction and ADR clauses, with
  • explanatory commentary, and
  • over 120 dispute resolution links, available on the web, 24 hours a day, for

Dispute Tooklit main page

Competition eLearning

“Linklaters, the global law firm, today announced the launch of Competition eLearning, a suite of web-based training courses designed to ensure businesses comply with competition law in an economic and effective way…Competition eLearning consists of three courses:

  • Contact with Competitors
  • Abuse of Market Power
  • How to deal with Dawn Raids.”

Firm Press Release, Nov 3, 2004

Littler Mendelson withEmployment Law Learning Technologies Online compliance training Quoting from the ELT’s Web site: May 2004
“Employment Law Learning Technologies, Inc. (ELT) was established in 1996 to provide employers with effective compliance and risk management solutions through education. Its state-of-the-art online training programs for managers and employees are now used in over 400,000 learning sessions in leading organizations across the United States. …Our legal content is provided exclusively by Littler Mendelson, the nation’s largest and most respected labor and employment law firm.” mlSee also ed_bus.htm
Littler Mendelson Bacon & Dear PLLC Web-based immigration management Quoting from the firm’s Web site: November 2004
“Littler Mendelson Bacon & Dear is the first immigration firm to implement an interactive database on the Internet. This allows the employer and the foreign national employee to submit and review information about each immigration case directly over the Internet… Our web-based forms allow you to directly enter information by typing on your computer keyboard; then submit the information by clicking an on-screen icon. That’s all there is to it. We instantaneously view the information you’ve entered, and you can go back to view the information we’ve entered in your pages.”
Database Tour PageSee also the June 30, 2004 Littler Mendelsonpress release
Lovells Advice, legal source material, and document creation for international arbitration Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“Our site gives practical assistance to clients and prospective clients who use arbitration to settle disputes. The Drafting Engine takes users through a simple step-by-step process which leads to a tailor-made arbitration clause that can be printed off or inserted into a word-processed document. The Drafting Engine is not designed to draft the most complex arbitration agreements, such as multi-party agreements (such clauses always require fact-specific legal advice), but it ensures that the key elements of a more simple clause are covered. There are also detailed accompanying Drafting Notes (accessible by the buttons on the blue menu bar above) explaining the significance of the various factors to be considered in drafting a clause.”
Arbitration Introduction Page
Mallesons Stephen JaquesVarious Online Services Virtual legal advice, compliance tools, document creation, compliance training Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004

Online Products – Overview “In collaboration with clients, the firm using internet technologies has developed a number of products that enable the delivery to clients of online services that include document repositories, client instruction, document drafting and assembly, legal analysis and guidance, risk management and training. “Online Products Overview

Contract Management “As part of the firm’s interactive document services key client documents, such as complex contracts, are electronically enhanced and hosted online. Defined terms, cross-references, and related documents such as appendices, annexures, sub-contracts, tabulated data, scientific reports and financial statements are linked into interactive document libraries. Client contracts (and any other documents) can be turned into navigable, searchable and inter-dependent collections supported by contextual help files. Contract management is regularly used by clients in highly regulated environments, where significant project management, compliance and risk management issues arise.” Interactive Documents, Online Products

Consumer Credit Code Compliance “Clients can purchase a subscription to a secure online compliance guide for the Consumer Credit Code (CCC). This product assists clients to disseminate CCC regulatory obligations widely within a financial organisation, to train new staff and demonstrate to regulatory authorities that their organisation has a compliance culture. The practical and plain English compliance guide assists credit providers to understand the impact of the CCC on their systems, products, documents and procedures” Credit Code Compliance

OfferDocs “Clients can purchase a subscription to OfferDocs which is an online tool that allows clients to manage the processes, and generate industry leading plain English documents, when drafting managed funds prospectuses. The decision tree logic approach of OfferDocs helps to reduce compliance risks by tracking activity and generating detailed audit reports. The drafting process is supported by expert commentary and other reference materials, and previously drafted prospectus documents are stored as future precedents. A number of leading fund managers are using OfferDocs to streamline the complex task of producing offer documents for the marketing of prospective funds.” Drafting Prospectuses

PrivacyOnline “Clients can purchase a subscription to PrivacyOnline which is an online product that enables corporations to comply with regulatory change in private sector privacy laws. PrivacyOnline assists corporations to meet the rights of individuals to privacy while protecting and maintaining the effectiveness of the corporation’s business information needs. PrivacyOnline includes drafting tools, checklists, training materials, legal guides and compliance tools in one convenient up-to-date location. PrivacyOnline is being used by a number of Australia’s leading corporations to manage their transition to the privacy regime for the private sector and ongoing compliance.” Privacy Compliance

Tutorworks “Clients can purchase a subscription to TutorWorks which is an online compliance training tool designed to create, administer, assess and report on self-paced training activities. With access to the internet, potentially any person from within an organisation can, from anywhere at anytime, undertake a TutorWorks regulatory compliance course. Courses are developed jointly with the client, and can consist of numerous modules which can be selectively targeted at different groups of people within the organisation. Courses typically include a mixture of expert legal knowledge, practical examples and scenarios around activities that may place an organisation at risk, and a quiz assessment of the knowledge learned by the participant. TutorWorks assists organisations to educate and train staff to become more legally aware and compliant.” Compliance Training

Promotions Online “Clients can purchase a subscription to Promotions Online which is a secure online legal reference to conducting trade lotteries in Australia. Promotions Online guides clients through the complexity and diversity of the rules and procedures that govern the conduct of trade lotteries in each State and Territory. Promotions Online also supports the drafting of appropriate documents to support permit applications to regulatory authorities for permission to conduct trade lotteries. Promotions Online includes a drafting tool, checklists, legal guides and lotteries reference materials in one convenient up-to-date location.” Lotteries Law Guide

Pinsent MasonsOUT-LAW.COM IT and E-Commerce legal advice Quoting from the Out-Law Web site: Sept 2005
“OUT-LAW.COM is part of Pinsent Masons, an international law firm with a long-standing interest in IT and e-commerce. This site provides free guides, articles and news stories relating to everything from the drawing up of on-line contracts and agreements to issues of taxation and defamation. You will also find sample contracts, checklists and other documents, indispensable to your business planning and operation. The site exists because we want you to choose our law firm when you need more help.”
Mayer Brown Rowe & MawSecuritization.Net


Resources for structured finance industry Quoting from the Web site: May 2004
“Securitization. Net is designed to be a resource for the structured finance industry, providing information from a variety of industry players. Contributing to, using and linking with Securitization. Net are all free… Securitization Netâ„¢ is sponsored by Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw.”
[Resources include: news, firm and third party articles, software listings, advocacy organizations, and private extranets.]
Securitzation Net About Us

MinterEllsion Products

Assorted online services From the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“SAFETRAC is an award winning online risk management and compliance management product developed by Minter Ellison to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3806… SAFETRAC simplifies your risk management focus, improves your operating efficiency, reduces compliance costs and enables your legal and compliance staff to use their time to deliver better results. It gives you the power to make effective compliance easy. The SAFETRAC user base has more than 40,000 licensed subscribers over a diverse range of corporations and industries.” [The Risk Management suite covers trade practices, privacy, occupational health and safety, discrimination and harassment, and goods and services tax. A separate module covers the “Financial Services Regime.”]\
About SAFETRACSeparate products are available for “Family Law Superannuation” and “AFS Licensing”.
Morgan Cole



Employment e-Learning

Corporate Employee Policies


Quoting from the firm’s Web site: November 2004
“When compliance and risk management are crucial, PolicyMatter software ensures your staff have read, understood and signed-up to key policies. Issuing policy via Intranet, email or corporate handbook? PolicyMatter solves the problems of common policy distribution methods and shapes positive employee behaviour:
-automatically records employees’ understanding and acceptance
-creates a permanent policy management audit trail
-ensures policy is not ignored
-gets the right policies to the right people”
PolicyMatter home page (“PolicyMatter has been created by Extend Technologies and Morgan Cole to help organisations achieve compliance with key legislation and industry regulations.” See About Us.)
“This is easy-to-use e-learning that assists managers to develop a heightened ability to deal with the daily employment issues they face such as dealing with absence, poor performance and disciplining for misconduct – it can be deployed in a number of ways and used as a training tool and a just in time solution. ”
Morgan Lewis e-biz home pageSee also Morgan Cole launches employment toolin LegalIT (June 2004)
Morgan Lewis


HSR Database

Environmental information

Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“HSRscan® is a searchable database of letters interpreting the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (the “HSR Act”) and its regulations. Morgan Lewis’ group of experienced antitrust lawyers developed HSRscan as a tool to quickly and easily research the often complex issues involved in HSR Act compliance and reporting.”
HSRs can
“Morgan Lewis’ award-winning on-line environmental resource features our Environmental Deskbooks, Environmental News and Teleseminar Presentations, as well as special materials and links to information about CERCLA, RCRA and the Clean Air Act.”
Morg an Lewis Online Services
Morris, Manning & Martin, LLPHIPAA Manager HIPAA resources Quoting from the HIPPA-Manager Web site: May 2004
“HIPAA Manager was designed by healthcare attorneys at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP specifically for providers in response to their requests for understandable, reliable, practical and affordable HIPAA guidance. It distinguishes itself from other programs by offering practical step-by-step guidance to help you meet your mandatory obligations. HIPAA Managerâ„¢ also gives you everything you need to meet HIPAA’s deadlines – the information, the sample forms, updates, and the tools for implementation – all in one package. Unlike programs offered by consultants, HIPAA Managerâ„¢ is prepared by our lawyers, who are skilled in regulatory analysis and interpretation.”[HIPAA Manager includes:] Monthly Topics, Transaction Standards Compliance Extension Assistance, Monthly Task Lists, Best Practices Database, HIPAA Handbook, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Workshops, Calendar of Deadlines and Extensions, Sample Forms, Helpful HIPAA Links, Articles, Presentations & Resources, and News and Updates]
Osborne Clarke

Computer games industry forum and legal resources Quoting from the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“ is brought to you by law firm, Osborne Clarke’s Entertainment Group. Launched in 2000, provides developers, publishers and other games organisations with regularly updated articles, checklists and template documents on a range of business, finance and legal issues. Endorsed by industry players, commentators and trade bodies, is the online business resource for the interactive entertainment industry.”
ReedSmithstatehipaastudy State medical privacy content Quoting from the statehippastudy site: May 2004
“… is designed as a survey of state health information privacy laws and regulations and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s implementing privacy regulations (“HIPAA”). The site provides a user-friendly search tool to help identify relevant state and federal health privacy rules and to help understand, by state and by topic, whether state rules or HIPAA rules, or both, must be followed.
Sponsored by leading health care organizations throughout the nation who are part of the Confidentiality Coalition of the Healthcare Leadership Council, with the legal content provided by Reed Smith LLP, this study allows you to search privacy laws based on simple criteria. Searches allow you many options, including selecting specific health privacy topics by state, and you will receive summaries of both relevant state and HIPAA health information privacy rules and compliance recommendations with analyses.”
http://www.statehipaastudy.comSee also an article on the ReedSmith website.
Seyfarth ShawSeyfarth Shaw at Work Online compliance training Quoting from the firm’s Seyfarth Shaw At Work Web site: May 2004
“Seyfarth Shaw at Work is the premier legal compliance and management training company, providing highly engaging employment law related training over a variety of platforms… Seyfarth Shaw at Work also has developed an e-Learning series. Our e-Learning courses, are also highly interactive and complement the leader-led courses offering a “blended solution” that can be deployed throughout your organization in a consistent and cost effective manner. Seyfarth Shaw at Work has partnered with GoTrain to offer their advanced Compliance-based Learning Management System (CLMS) on all of our e-Leaning courses.”
About Seyfarth Shaw At Work
Shaw PittmanimmConnectS M Visa management extranet Quoting from the firm’s immigration site: May 2004

“The need for law firms that can provide top-quality service in a streamlined, cost-effective manner is thus potent in the immigration arena. Technology is essential. What distinguishes Shaw Pittman’s VisaConnect is that we designed it based on a dialogue with our anchor IT industry clients. Thus VisaConnect includes the best practices of the organizations who are our clients and business partners. We then incorporated the critical needs areas for immigration case management — tracking multiple deadlines for thousands of cases, including multiple cases per worker (e.g., nonimmigrant visa, immigrant/residency green card, temporary work permit application), providing key informational tools to assist the client’s HR and in-house legal team to respond to routine employee inquiries, and facilitating a completely streamlined data collection for time-sensitive case work….

“[The] extranet includes several key features:

  • The data collection function is performed over the Internet, fully automated to enhance accuracy and minimize costs.
  • Case tracking is automated with a built-in tickler system.
  • Employees can view their individual case tracking profiles to monitor the status of their filings.
  • Legal/HR can view a snapshot of all cases or a detailed tracking profile for any individual visa candidate.
  • Ability to run reports on any of the information collected or tracked, such as cases filed within a particular time period.”

Shaw Pittman immConnect

Simmons & Simmonselexica Legal resources, updates, checklists, practical guides, current awareness for a range of businesses Quoting from the firm’s elexica Web site: June 2004

“elexica is Simmons & Simmons’ award-winning, free online legal resource, primarily aimed at clients and contacts of the firm. elexica offers registered users an extensive range of thousands of items of high quality legal information, including:

  • Legal updates
  • Legal checklists (also available in Palm-compatible format)
  • Training modules (with CPD hours)
  • Weekly EU Diary (also available in Palm-compatible format)
  • Regular current awareness emails in a variety of practice areas, from construction to tax
  • An extensive library of fully categorised web links”

elexica page of firm site and

Steptoe & JohnsonCountry-by Country Guide to Encryption Regulations, Encryption updates on 95 countries Quoting from the firm’s main Web page: June 2004
“The firm also maintains a database, Steptoe & Johnson LLP Country-by Country Guide to Encryption Regulations, providing multinational clients with regularly updated reports on encryption export, import and use regulation in 95 countries.”
E-Commerce/Internet practice group page
Weil GotshaleAdvisor Advice Quoting from an article by Stephan Kahn on the firm’s Web site: May 2004
“The stimulus for developing this site came from outside: it was the need General Electric Company, a major WGM client, had to give its large, geographically dispersed law department an extensive body of material relating to Internet and e-commerce legal issues… At GE’s suggestion, we agreed that it would pay a fixed price and WGM would own the site and be able to market a non-proprietary version to other clients who were not competitors of GE… Through this arrangement, the client got what it wanted for a relatively low, preset price and we got even more incentive than we already had to continue improving and enhancing the site to the benefit of all users, including, of course, the founding client.”
Article (June 2000) by partner Steve Kahn on the firm’s Web site.
White & CaseWhite & Case Universe In-depth legal information Quoting the firm’s White & Case Universe site: May 2004

“White & Case Universe features the following online services:

  • a database which provides subscribers with detailed reports (“Country Reports”) of the legal and practical aspects concerning stock plans in countries around the world. Upon its completion, the database will provide reports for over 100 countries. The Country Reports are broken out into sections with individual summaries for ease of use.
  • a regulatory matrix which serves as a project management tool enabling a company to immediately access a summary of their current compliance status in each country;
  • a searchable archive of all important documents and correspondence related to a specific project/practice area in an easy to use format; and
  • a new developments archive for a variety of practice areas that is searchable by country and by date.”White & Case Universe“The practices currently hosted by White & Case Universe are: the compensation and benefits practice as well as global employment and labor. Additional practices will be added in the near future!” Main Page
Wilson SonsiniDocument Access and Subscription System Content and document creation Quoting the firm’s web site: June 2004
“DASS gives fund managers, investors and placement agents fast and easy online access to a variety of materials relating to private equity funds represented by WSGR. It also includes an interactive subscription agreement generator designed to simplify the subscription process.”
Document Access and Subscription System home page
Wragge&CoContracts and IPR Database Contract Management and Tracking Quoting the firm’s web site: May 2004
“This on-line solution organises contractual documents, allows you to search for them and even provides reminders for key dates. The database enhances organisation, increases efficiency and helps the contract management process, legal team and resources run smoothly.”
Contracts and IPR Database


Below is a list of organizations other than law firms or law departments that offer products or services that overlap with legal issues. I have compiled this list from multiple sources but it is neither comprehensive nor complete.

Company Type of Service Description of Service (with URL) and Date Last Checked
beprofessional Compliance, advice, and documents Company Web Site: June 2004
“beprofessional provides the knowledge, guidance and practical solutions required for businesses to be able to comply with legislation and regulation. Our products will ensure that all relevant rules and business regulations are observed and that all necessary documents, policies and procedures are put in place. ”
Home Page“Attributes include the following:

  • tailored and regularly updated documents, as legally required
  • guidance through some of the ‘softer’ employment type issues such as the process of disciplining staff
  • preparations for all the required policies and procedures (e.g. grievance, disciplinary, sickness and absenteeism, Health & Safety)
  • advisory sessions which help the user make decisions based on their own specific circumstances
  • guidance notes, checklists and file notes that will make sure the user does (i.e. the right thing at the right time and which help create a written record of what has been done
  • question-and-answer driven functionality that will help the user determine what documentation is needed to support the actions and decisions taken and to produce documentation tailored to the user’s specific circumstances”11:51 AM 6/1/2004

Partner Programme

Eduneering Online compliance training Company Web Site: June 2004
“Combining the power of advanced technology with the science of learning, EduNeering creates compliance learning solutions that let you keep pace with the changing regulatory environment. For more than 22 years, EduNeering has been the company relied on by hundreds of clients for assistance in changing the behavior of their workforces to conform to complex regulations and standard operating procedures. EduNeering’s powerful platform of learning technologies has been designed for the sole purpose of providing the most effective compliance solution possible. Its features include highly secure recordkeeping, comprehensive and authoritative course curriculums and unparalleled critical document management.”
Solutions Overview
Enact Online conveyancing (UK) Company Web Site: June 2004
“enact was created in the year 2000 to provide fast, efficient and innovative direct legal solutions to the housing market of the 21st Century. In 2003 the business was acquired by its senior management team. Since its creation, enact has become the largest direct conveyancer in this market. From purpose built, technologically advanced offices in the centre of Leeds, one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and the leading financial and legal centre outside London, enact’s 300-plus staff provide award-winning services to a growing portfolio of clients.”
Home Page
HIPPADocs Online compliance for HIPAA Company Web Site: June 2004
“HIPAAdocs offers complete, do-it-yourself solutions to help you manage all three parts of HIPAA; Security, Privacy and Transaction Code Sets… We give you the ability to use our tool to manage your entire HIPAA compliance progam, or pick and choose what you need, it’s your choice. Each module is kept up-to-date with the latest State and Federal rulings making it the last HIPAA solution you will ever need.”
Home Page
Integrity Interactive Online compliance training Company Web Site June 2004
“Integrity Interactive is the world’s largest and fastest-growing Web-based ethics and compliance program provider.”
Home Page
Legal Research Center Online compliance training Company Web Site June 2004
“In partnership with Integrity Interactive Corporation, LRC offers you online compliance training that is so compelling, your employees will actually enjoy the interactive learning experience.”
Online Compliannce Training
LexRadar Compliance intelligence (international) Company Web Site June 2004
“Aptly trademarked, our corporate identity describes a unique service that provides accurate, up to the minute intelligence on ever-changing regulations – country-by-country – that will impact the success of all firms involved in international trade. Just like early warning radar systems provide information on approaching vessels, aircraft and storms, LexRadar provides timely warnings and analysis of new and modified regulations in key emerging markets . . . and it provides that analysis in fully-translated text prepared by qualified experts… Currently, LexRadar offers Energy; Environment, Health and Safety; Security; and Tax sectoral coverage in Mexico. Expansion plans are underway in Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.
Home Page
LoanTransact Online document assembly and collaboration for commercial loans Company Web Site June 2004

  • “an on-line environment in which all parties to a lending transaction, the lender, borrower, guarantors, etc and their legal counsel, can collaborate, simultaneously, 24/7.
  • being able to easily code and load your own documents on line using your existing word processing software (e.g. Wordâ„¢, WordPerfectâ„¢) and without the need for computer programmers.
  • your documents presenting you with interactive questions, based on your previous answers.
  • all parties to your transaction being able to input their own data directly through individual and secure deal sites.”

Home Page

LRN Online compliance training Company Web Site May 2004
“LRN is helping millions of employees throughout the world become better informed, act more responsibly and work more productively. Our Web-based Legal Compliance and Ethics Center offers over 200 courses covering more than 3,600 topics, enabling more thoughtful decisions, promoting appropriate practices and inspiring ethically involved and aware workforces. We offer a complete on-line education solution for leading companies of 500 to 500,000 employees.”
Home Page
PortfolioIP Track and manage IP Quoting from the firm’s Web site: June 2004
“The PortfolioIP(SM) service provides docketing and other paralegal services for corporations and intellectual property law firms The company was founded in 2000 by a group of patent attorneys specializing in patent preparation and prosecution services for high technology… Through the web-based FoundationIPâ„¢ platform, we become your virtual in-house staff, and can provide the support you need when you need it, conveniently, efficiently, and with dramatic savings to you and your clients.”
[Services provided include docketing and processing, patent and trademark prosecution, training, and country law expertise.]
About US Automates visa application process Quoting from the firm’s Web site: June 2004
“VisaNow.comsm recognizes that most of immigration application preparation is document-intensive and involves the exchange of information between client, attorney, and applicant. Our online, automated system streamlines these processes for users and significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare U.S. visa and immigration applications for INS/BCIS approval. Our automation significantly reduces errors that often occur with manual processes, so clients can count on consistently accurate and compliant applications.”
About VisaNow
We Comply Online compliance training, wide range of topics Quoting from the firm’s Web site: June 2004

“Let WeComply help you jump-start your company’s compliance-training efforts quickly and cost-effectively with —

  • High-quality online compliance training that’s easy to set up and administer.
  • Content that’s customizable to your company’s specific needs, and that you can update quickly when those needs change.
  • An interactive and fun format that’s acessible to all employees — not just those with specially-equipped computers and fast Internet connections.”

Home Page