Insights, Trends & Predicting the Future: How Law Firm Business and Practice Strategies Are Changing in the USA, UK & Canada

Presentation at the Ark Group/Managing Partner’s 9th Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession, October 16-17, 2013 with panelists Andrew Terrett, National Director of Knowledge Management, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and Andy Daws, Vice President, North America, Riverview Law.

Session overview (from conference program):

The global economic downturn impacted law firms in the USA, UK and Canada in different ways—putting different pressures on different parts of the enterprise (and to varying degrees). For example, it could be argued that the USA felt more intense economic pressure and pain (relative to the UK and Canada) which perhaps forced change on certain levels (think pricing and innovation) that may not be consistent with change in Canada and the UK. This closing panel discussion will focus on evolving business and practice strategies—comparing and contrasting progressive approaches across different geographic locations—namely the USA, UK and Canada—and explored from a variety of different perspectives (as relates