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Raising the IT Bar – Orrick Innovates Again

Many firms have strategic-thinking CIOs. Some also have directors of knowledge management and some of practice services. But how many have all three? 

Now, Orrick does. Patrick Tisdale is Orrick’s CIO and Peter Krakaur the CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer). Clark Cordner recently joined as Director of Practice and Client Services; he will focus on delivering differentiated legal services enabled by IT. All three are highly-regarded large law firms managers.

I suspect that few AmLaw 100 or 200 firms have such experienced people in all three roles. This threesome should impress both clients and recruits. Clients should see value in both efficiency and effectiveness. Orrick lawyers (and recruits) should find attractive a deep support organization that makes their lives easier.

  1. Shmuel

    Joining Steve, it does look like an “opportunity” for too much trouble.

  2. Steve Matthews

    Hi Ron, Looks like a lot of potential, as you say, but I’m wondering what your impression is of the politics with three such positions in place? It can be tricky enough not step on the toes of a CIO or CMO when conducting KM; and I’ve always assumed PSLs to be working toward many of the same objectives.