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List of Published Articles

Ron Friedmann regularly publishes articles on a range of legal technology and law practice management topics. Ron is also interviewed by others. This list of published articles and interviews provides a reverse chronological listing. See also Ron’s conference presentations and click here for a listing by topic.  [If an article does not have a link, there is no web-version available.]

The Last Mile of Contracts: Why Human Teams Are Still Essential
(, 9 July 2017. Originally published by CenzaSource)

A New Era for Managing and Finding Experience in Large Law Firms
(ILTA KM Blog, 9 June 2017)

Quoth the RAVN: How iManage’s RAVN Acquisition Will Affect the Legal Market
(co-authored with Joshua Fireman, ILTA KM Blog, 25 May 2017)

#LegalTechLives with Ron Friedmann, Consultant at Fireman & Company + Principal of Prism Law
On elevator pitch, blogging, and legal tech
(Kathleen Killin interviews Ron for ROSS Intel blog, March 14, 2017)

The Year in Focus – 2017
(Legal IT Insider, January 2017, PDF page 16)

What Will be Hot in 2017 (PDF download of entire issue)
(Legal IT Today #16, December 2016: my published answers to three questions.)

Will Blockchain Affect Your Practice or Firm?
(Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business, 17 August 2016)

The coming changes in how lawyers practice (link to PDF download)
(Legal IT Today #14, June 2016)

Disruption? More Like Incremental Change for Big Law
(Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business, 17 June 2016) The Biglaw ‘Caste System’ — An Impediment To Innovation? [interview]
(Joe Borstein interviews Ron Friedmann for Above the Law, 9 March 2016)

The Rise of Legal Knowledge Management
(Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business, 19 Feb 2016)

Is Big Law Having Its Kodak Moment?
(Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business, 26 Jan 2016)

Automating Legal Advice: AI and Expert Systems
Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business, 22 Jan 2016)

A Brief History of Legal Knowledge Management
(2015 ebook, Leaders in Legal Business, by Stephen McGarry, 2015)

Innovation, Project Management, and KM in the Newly Competitive Legal Market
(General Counsel Research Club, October 2013)

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) – Now Just Part of the Legal Landscape
(An edited version of this article was published as “Client market power means continuing cost-cutting” in the Legal Efficiency supplement to the The Times of London (11 June 2013), available on the web via Raconteur, publisher of the supplement)

Will Data Analytics Allow Us to “Do Less Law”?
(Published in Legal IT Insider, April 2013)

Why Haven’t Client Facing Systems Blossomed?
(Published in Legal IT Today, March 2013)

The Impact of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) You Might Not Have Noticed
(Published in Law Practice Today, The Monthly Webzine of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, January 2012)

The New World of E-Discovery
(Published by Inside Legal Thought Leaders Digest (TM) (PDF here), College of Law Practice Management Issue, released in connection with COLPM’s Futures Conference, Oct 2011).

Legal Outsourcing – A changing conversation
(Contributor to a column by Mark Ross of Integreon on market acceptance and changing models of legal process outsourcing, published by Outsource Magazine (UK), 17 Nov 2010)

Law Libraries Transformed
(Co-authored with Eleanor Windsor; published by, 4 July 2010)

The right staff: key choices for legal process outsourcing
(Co-authored with Mark Ross, published by, 1 May 2010)

Law Firms Now Outsourcers?
(Published by, 20 February 2010)

An interview with Ron Friedmann of Integreon; the legal paradigm shift, predictive coding, document categorization, and more
(Published by the Posse List, 29 January 2010)

Outsourcing as a Strategy to Manage Support Cost and Variable Demand
(Chapter in Successful Legal Outsourcing by Michael Bell, published by Ark, fall 2009)

Baking KM into Everyday Workflow: An Analysis of Knowledge Management Survey Data
(Author of International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) hosted KM Survey, 30 June 2009)

Onsite Staffing and Optimizing Virtual Collaboration
(Contributions to the multi-author feature, Signs of Innovative Life in the Practice, Law Practice Management, April/May 2009)

Why and What Lawyers Should Consider Outsourcing
(, 1 September 2008)

Dealing with Documents: Outsourcing document processing can slash payroll and facilities costs, reduce turnaround time, and boost in-house secretarial careers
(Legal Management magazine by ALA, September/October 2008, co-authored with Renay Rutter)

Maxims for Managing Legal Technology
(Law Practice Today [an ABA online magazine], June 2008 and also published as The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Law Firm CIOs by TechnoLaywer, 9 September 2008)

Taming the Document Review Beast
(An interview of Diane Barrasso of Barrasso Consulting by Ron Friedmann, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Magazine, September 2007)

4 Ways an eDiscovery Attorney Can Make Your Firm More Successful
(A white paper for Renew Data, May 2007; published as “Navigating eDiscovery”, Lawyers Weekly (Australia), 30 Nov 2007)

KM Best Practices
(“Knowledge Management Best Practices” in, May 2007)

Keep EDD Vendors From Crashing and Burning
(Letter to the Editor, Law TechnologyNews, January, 2007)

Top 10 Reasons Law Firms Resist Innovation
(Law Practice magazine (an ABA publication),December, 2006)

Development s in Legal Outsourcing and Offshoring
(Co-authored with Joy London and published in on November 12, 2006)

KM – The Right Question?
(published as Pragmatic Approaches to Knowledge Management by on August 17, 2006; based on a presentation at the May 2006) Interwoven Legal IT Leadership Summit.)

Innovation Case Studies
(“Bryan Cave: Intelligent Business” (p. 56) and “Morrison & Foerster: Innovative Answers” (p. 61), with Oz Benamram)   ( InnovAction online publication [PDF], Summer 2006, published by the
College of Law Practice Management)

Going Beyond E-mail Queries
(a case study of RealPractice at Littler Mendelson; ILTA Whitepaper, June 2006)

Powering a KM Windmill (“Baking KM into the System”)
( ILTA Whitepaper, June 2006, co-authored with Chris Boyd of Wilson Sonsini)

Inside vs. Outside: When Does it Make Sense for Law Firms to Outsource?
( Law Practice Today, an ABA Webzine, April 2006; roundtable discussion with other commentators)

Do Blawgs Burn as Brightly as Surveys Suggest?
(, January 2006)

Lawyers as Shoppers – It’s All About Finding Information
(co-authored with Oz Benamram of Morrison & Foerster, Law Technology News, December 2005, Published as “IT @ Morrison & Foerster: Lessons Learned from Retail”)

Technology Developments that Will Change Your Practice
(College of Law Practice Management News, Spring 2005)

Looking to the Future: What Changes Do You See Coming in the Next Twenty Years
(Law Practice Today, an ABA Webzine, December 2004; roundtable discussion with other commentators)

Back to the Future – A Brief History of Legal Tech
(American Lawyer Magazine, AmLaw Tech Supplement, December 2004)

Matter Centric Working: Letting Lawyers Work the Way They Want to Work
(KMWorld Magazine, July/August 2004; with Andrew Pery)

Successful KM: Learning from Document Management
(Law Practice Today, June 2004; with Dennis M. Kennedy)

What’s Your Strategy for Collecting and Cataloging Documents?
(Capital Connection, February 2004)

Browser-Base d Advice Systems
(Law Practice magazine, January-February 2004)

The Future Law Office: Going Virtual
(Law Practice magazine, January-February 2004; a condensed version appeared in the “The Best Articles Published by the ABA” issue of GPSolo, September 2004)

A Marketplace Trial
(The Future of Litigation, supplement to the American Lawyer, Fall 2003)

The Future of Legal Secretaries — Working Groups?
(Legal Times, May 12, 2003)

Federalism & Foundations
(AmLaw Tech, March 2003)

Do You Know What You Know – Blueprint for the Firm’s CKO
(AmLaw Tech, September 2001)

Should You Use the Web to Deliver Legal Guidance to Your Clients?
(Litigation Management & Economics Subcommittee Newsletter of the ABA Section on Litigation, Summer 2001; conference materials for International Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Law, Practical Legal Knowledge Systems Workshop, March 2002)

Using Technology to Manage Documents [in Litigation]
(Practising Law Institute, 1997)

Colleagues’ Exchange
(Corporate Legal Times, March 1992; with David R. Johnson and David Post)

Software Makes Decision Analysis Easy
(Legal Technology Newsletter, December 1990; with David Post)

Spinning a Web of E-mail Connections
(American Lawyer Management)

Controlling Litigation Costs with Technology
(American Lawyer)

Management Must Become Familiar with Technology
(NY Law Journal)

Litigation Support — Technology is Not Enough
(ABA TechShow book)

Developing a New Paradigm for Managing Facts
(American Lawyer)

Practicing Law with Pictures
(Law Technology Product News)