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Baker & McKenzie Launches New Online Legal Service

Baker McKenzie has recently launched an online legal service, this one with a bit of a twist.  Lawyers Weekly reports (4 April 2008) that “BAKER & MCKENZIE’S global climate change practice last week launched the CDM Rulebook website – a freely available, co

Open Source Law Redux

Open source software has had a dramatic impact on how business and consumers use computers. Could the same be true for law?  I blogged about the idea of open source law four years ago. Lawyers Open Their File Cabinets for a Web Resource (New York Times, 27 April 2008) reminds me

New Collaborative Web Sites for Legal Market

Two relatively new web sites offer the legal market a way to market services, share documents, and build community. To some extent, each is trying to apply the Facebook or MySpace paradigm to lawyers.  First, some history. Fifteen years ago David Johnson, David Post, and I (then

Online Legal Services Developments

I write less now than I did a few years ago about online services. I’ve not lost interest; rather, it just seems there are few new developments to report. That said, over the last few months, some interesting items did cross my desk.  Linklaters launches new document drafti

New Expert System Platform

I have long thought that rule-based systems have great promise for creating online legal advisory systems. So I am glad to see the entry of a new, web-based system for creating systems. “is a web service that lets lawyers and law students automate their experti

New Virtual Legal Advisor

A new product illustrates one way to automate legal advice.  DECISIONmaker Software, LLC recently released artificial intelligence software to guide HR professionals in complying with the Family Medical Leave and Americans with Disabilities Acts. The company and its founder, Alan

New Online Legal Services

The online legal services market (for interactive legal advice) has been quiet – until now.   Earlier this decade, many law firms developed and promoted online legal services. To my chagrin (some readers know that I had a personal stake in virtual legal advisors when I work

Contracting and Legal Issues: Navigating the Negotiation Process in Legal Outsourcing

Contracting and Legal Issues: Navigating the Negotiation Process. That’s the topic of a presentation by Janet Parkhurst, Esq. at the ALM Outsourcing Conference 215pm session.  [This blog post comes to you live from the ALM-sponsored Legal Industry Outsourcing Forum (May 23,

Online Legal Service for Consumers

During the dot-com boom, several start-ups offered business to consumer (B2C) legal web sites. Offerings varied but all failed. Now, we are seeing a re-birth, backed by heavy hitters.  Avvo is a new start-up founded by executives with experience at successful web businesses. Toda

Online Legal Service for Records Management Policy

Legal technology worlds collide: online legal services meet records management and e-discovery.  E-mail archiving solution vendor Fortiva offers an online tool (“Policy Builder“) to generate a corporate electronic communication policy covering topics such as acceptabl