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The Current State and Future of Big Law Online Legal Services

I recently updated my list of online legal services. Since the prior update in 2006, there has been less online legal service activity than I expected. With clients using outside counsel less and pressing for better value, however, I believe law firms can gain new business by developi

Iron Tech Lawyer Competition at Georgetown Law School

On Thursday I attended the Iron Tech Lawyer Competition at Georgetown Law School. Six student teams presented legal advisory systems they built in a competition that will pit the Georgetown winner against New York Law School winner. It’s great to see an innovative law school cla

Web Start-Up Docracy Offers Open Source Law

I have long advocated open source law. If more lawyers and clients put documents in the public domain, legal costs might drop and consistency rise. At least one start-up is working to make this happen.  I recently spoke to Veronica Picciafuoco of Docracy, an open source law websi

Koncision Breaks New Ground in Contract Drafting

Koncision is a relatively new service by contracts expert Ken Adams (@KonciseD). It offers clear, concise, and quickly drafted contracts via an interactive web service. I comment here on why this is a notable development and briefly review my experience using it.  Koncision is no

A New Generation of Online Legal Services?

Will general counsel and the ACC demand for more value from law firms drive firms to consider offering online legal services?  Bob Ambrogi’s Crowdsourcing the Law (Law Technology News, 1 Aug 2010) describes some interesting new web services – OpenRegs and Spindle Law

Wilson Sonsini Launches Online CLE for Clients

Recently I learned via a Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) Tweet (@wilsonsonsini), that the firm had launched On-Demand Learning Resource to Help In-House Attorneys Keep Current and Earn MCLE Credit. I think the firm has done a very nice job with this initiative.  The

New WSGR Term Sheet Generator – an Innovative Online Service

In a tough economy with daily BigLaw lays-off announcements, it’s nice to see a firm innovate to help clients and prospects. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) announced today a new online service, a term sheet generator.  The WSGR Term Sheet Generator, “wil

Allen & Overy Launches docGenix

Magic Circle firm Allen & Overy has launched a separate entity to apply technology to solve a commercial contracting challenge.  A&O launches document management company reports on A&O’s launch of docGenix, whose “mission is to develop innovative legal

The Shift from "Client Facing" to "Client Service" Systems

PeopleFinder, a new system by leading Australian law firm Mallesons, makes clear that previous views of client facing technology have been too narrow.  Client-facing typically has meant extranets, document creation software, or content-rich systems, including online legal service

Online Legal Services Update: MoFo and Minters

In the late 1990s, large law firms started creating web-based interactive legal advisory systems. What happened to that trend?  Market data on the number subscribers, and revenue is not available; as far as I know, the best listing of these types of systems is my Online Legal Ser