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Litigation Finance – How It Works at Bentham

I recently spoke with Dave Kerstein, an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel at Bentham IMF to learn more about litigation finance. Before sharing what I learned, some background… Background: My Long Interest in Applying Financial Concepts to Law Combining finance and litigation

Litigation Funding for the Masses

This post reports on a recent conversation with Dylan Beynon, a co-founder of Legal Funding Central, a recent legal tech start-up. LFC provides an online marketplace for litigation funding for plaintiffs with a focus on personal injury. I start with background on my interest in litiga

Funding Law Suits: Market Discipline to Manage Legal Risk?

Champerty is one of the those great law school words that few think about or remember in detail. Something to do with buying law suits being illegal. Funding them, however, may be a different story.  Third-Party Litigation Funding Stepping up in U.K. in the Wall Street Journal La

Collateralized Legal Obligations

Can Wall Street work its magic to reduce legal risk and cost while earning healthy returns?  Three related themes dominate recent financial news: Bundling Assets: investors reduce risk by buying aggregated individual instruments. Uncorrelated Risk: investors want asset classes th

A Marketplace Trial

“Clients are exposed to the disciplines of the market. Why shouldn’t trial lawyers face the same sort of scrutiny?”  That is my opening abstract for my article, A Marketplace Trial. American Lawyer Magazine published it in its Fall 2003 The Future of Litigation. In it, I d