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What Big Law Can Learn from Alphabet

Google’s restructuring leads the business news this week. The company created a parent company, Alphabet, under which Google Inc. will be the biggest operating unit. Other units will house Nest, life sciences, robotics, and other Google businesses. As the New York Times suggests

Law Firm Fusion, Unicorns, and Ads

Mainstream news often holds hidden lessons for law firms. Three articles on Monday about fusion, unicorns, and ads make me think about Big Law. “Fusion” (Mergers) With Fusion of Insurers, Questions for Patients (New York Times) reports on the potential impact of health ins

Big Law, Fast Food, and Lawyer Exceptionalism

Reading McDonald’s Seeks Its Fast-Food Soul in the New York Times this weekend got me thinking about Big Law and the legal market. What could fast food possibly have to do with Big Law? Maybe nothing. But many markets try to learn from other industries. And perhaps lawyers can learn f

The Bar Dithers, Rich Firms Get Richer, and NewLaw Grows

Each Friday, I publish Tweets of the Week. I pick them individually, not considering how they fit together. My picks today (below) tell a nice story, one that needs more than 140 characters… Toby Brown wrote this week in The Profession is Doomed that the bar is so hidebound (my

Industrializing Law Practice at Radiant Law

I recently saw how Radiant Law, a UK law firm, is improving contract drafting speed, quality, and consistency. I start with background on Radiant, then consider ways to create value, discuss custom versus commercial software, describe Radiant’s custom-built software, and conclud

Building a Law Factory

Given my interest in law factory, I was excited to read recently about a firm that actually built one. Foreclosure firm goes statistical to improve speed and quality in the ABA Journal  (March 2014) is an in-depth and fascinating look at how The Hunoval Law Firm built a high-volume, e

My Legal Tech 2014 Picks

I report here on vendor discussions two weeks ago at Legal Tech 2014: tech + process improvement; digital dictation; outsourcing; and information governance. Introduction – How I Decide What To Look At.  This report is not “best of show” or “most important̶

Understanding the UnitedLex – LeClairRyan Deal: Interviews with Management

On October 30th, law firm LeClairRyan and legal services provider UnitedLex announced the creation of the LeClairRyan Legal Solutions Center, which involves the transfer of 400 people and physical assets to UnitedLex. On Wednesday afternoon, I spoke to both parties to learn more.  My

Law Factory Re-Visited and Staying Ahead of the Law Robots

If hotels can run multiple brands in a single location, can lawyers run multiple business lines in one firm?  In 2011, I explained “law factory” and “bet the farm” firms by analogy to Hilton Hotels’ multiple brands, Hampton Inn being the factory, Rit

Building the Law Factory (Live from ReInvent Law)

This is a live post from the Reinvent Law Silicon Valley conference in Mountain View, CA. Please forgive any typos or errors in conveying what speakers say. Now up, in a six minute Ignite-style talk, is Kevin Colangelo, managing partner of Youson & Irvine on Building the Law Facto