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Musings on the Law Firm Caste System

The world of law firms divides into lawyers and non-lawyers. And that’s a shame. 

In An overlooked recruitment opportunity blogger Jordan Furlong concludes that large law firms have an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive edge by properly recognizing the value non-fee-earning staff add. He observes that “Lawyers are notorious for their habit of treating employees without law degrees as separate and lesser entities within the firm structure, less worthy of respect and collegiality.” In reaching this conclusion, he cites Employee survey reveals support staff dissatisfied (The, 1 Sep 2008), which reports on a survey of law firms in the UK that found “An overwhelming

  1. John S. Gillies

    Valid point, Ron. Of the many things that I have read about law firm KM initiatives, very few seem to have targeted anything other than the lawyers. Now, that’s probably in part because the whole KM initiative is financed out of the partners’ pockets but, to me, it is also another reflection of the lawyer/non-lawyer dichotomy.