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Personal Productivity Update

Periodically, I share findings about how technology improves my own productivity. In this post, I have some quick comments about back-ups and full-text search.  Last August, I wrote about using small external hard drives to facilitate back-ups. I realize that for users in corpora

External Drives for On the Road and Backing Up

It’s unusual for me to focus on hardware, but I’ve found a relatively inexpensive device – the SmartDisk Firefly, an external hard drive – that I think is a productivity booster for work on the road and for back ups.  PCs typically no longer come with flop

Wall Street Journal Reports on Blogs

Blogs Help You Cope With Data Overload — If You Manage Them in the Wall Street Journal (7/8/04, p. B1) Personal Technology column focuses on using a newsreader to aggregate content from multiple blogs.  The columnist explains that to “juggle all those blogs” one

Tracking Tasks

A key element of personal productivity is tracking one’s tasks. I use Microsoft Outlook and it strikes me that doing so is harder than it should be. And from dealing with this apparent limitation, we may be able to draw a lesson about personal productivity more generally. 

Personal Productivity in the News

A recent article by KM guru Tom Davenport focuses on the importance of personal productivity, a theme I’ve recently started to develop in this blog. There have also been a lot of reviews of a product called X1 for personal full-text searching – an example of a personal tim

PDA + Cellphone is a Time Saver

Ten days ago I bought a Treo 600 – a combined cell phone and Palm OS personal digital assistant. SprintPCS is my carrier. Though configuration and learning the device took some time, I am very happy so far.   Some seemingly random factoids: This year I am traveling more. My

Personal Productivity Re-Visited

A decade ago I thought that the age of personal productivity growth using technology was over and that future gains would be in group productivity. I was wrong.  Group productivity can be improved but that’s a discussion for another day and another post. Observing my own wo