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Learning from Hotel Net Access Problems

Flaky hotel internet access drains my personal productivity. Aside from whining, hotel connectivity illustrates interesting economic issues for law firms.  In one of about every four hotel stays, I have to call tech support to get the net connection working properly. I waste a lo

Microsoft OneNote Re-Visited – Still a Winner

Almost four years ago to the day, I started this “Personal Productivity” category. with a post extolling Microsoft OneNote.  Four year later, I continue to depend on OneNote (now the improved 2007 version). The surprise is that more people have not heard of it, much l

Steve Jobs: Please, Back to the Design Workshop

I give Steve Jobs and Apple huge credit for great design and new business models. But not all is perfect in Mac land.  Ok, I admit it, I use a PC with Windows. But I do use iTunes and QuickTime. Apple, along with countless other software providers, commits the moral equivalent of

Personal Productivity – Backup with Mozy

Ocasionally I post about personal productivity tools. I used web-based back-up system Mozy for months and find it fantastic.  Mozy is a web-based service, accompanied by desktop software, that back-ups selected directories on your hard drive. Up to two gigabytes of storage is fre

Sunrocket VOIP No More – Any Suggestions?

Six weeks ago I gushed about the personal productivity benefits of Sunrocket VOIP. This week, Sunrocket, suddenly and unexpectedly ceased operations, leaving me without a business “land line” though for now the forward to my cell phone works at least intermittently. 

The Advantages of VOIP (Voice Over Internet)

One of my new productivity tools for 2007 is a VOIP business phone. This post will interest readers in small offices or in their personal capacity more than those working in large organizations.  [To learn more about VOIP, click the more link below.] I recently converted my busin

Productivity Tools for 2007 – Part 1

I’ve recently found 3 new tools to improve my personal productivity.  Today I discuss a cell phone with high speed net access. Future posts will cover new back-up software and a VOIP phone. Large law firms have different options but some readers may find info here useful in

Microsoft Problems are Time Sink

PCs are great productivity tools – except when unexplained problems become time sinks, many of which in my personal experience arise from Microsoft.  After reading recently in e-week and elsewhere about security problems in Office applications, I decided it was time to upda

The Benefit of Dual Monitors

“You can never be too rich or too thin.” Or have too much computer screen real estate.  In the office, my Vaio notebook sits in a docking station and connects to a 19″ external LCD monitor. I “virtualize” the notebook and external monitor, so that I

Google Maps

I am reminded by a laudatory post on inter alia about Google Maps.  Until now, I have frequently found maps on the web a frustrating experience because I could not easily shift the view to see adjacent pieces of the map. (Somewhat along the lines of when using a book of maps, why