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My Month with Microsoft

Periodically I write about technology that increases or decreases my personal productivity. Over the last month I have documented how the Microsoft Office suite and Windows 7 detracts from my personal productivity.  I regularly use Microsoft Office 2010 products: Word, Excel, Pow

Dealing with a Dell Personal Productivity Odyssey / Nightmare

About two weeks ago I got a new Dell notebook PC from my company. Ordering an extra battery for it on my own from turned into a personal productivity nightmare. Dell’s famed model business model feels creaky, which may hold lessons for BigLaw.  After getting my new

Personal Productivity Tools: X1, Xiant, and HootSuite

Legal Tech begins tomorrow and I am in position at the NY Hilton. With the show’s emphasis on e-discovery and enterprise systems, we can easily forget that personal productivity is still an important legal technology goal . So, before the din of reports on enterprise systems fro

Technology Productivity Blackholes

I recently wrote about my My Current Personal Productivity Favorites. Now I turn to my technology productivity blackholes.  For 18 months I felt like Comcast was my best friend based on how often I talked with them. Long story short: I suffered intermittent connectivity lapses th

My Current Personal Productivity Favorites

Today I re-visit my favorite personal productivity technology tools. I’ll do another post about “technology productivity blackholes”, tech issues that suck time out of my day.   Screen Real Estate and Multiple Instances of Application Windows. For me, ample scre

Get a Bigger Monitor or Dual Monitors

Three years ago I blogged about the productivity benefits of dual monitors. Today, the New York Times published a long article extolling the virtues of bigger or dual monitors.  Boss, I Need a Bigger Screen. For Work Efficiency, of Course by Farhood Manjoo (15 Dec 2008) reports t

Little Things Matter for Personal Productivity

File names and document titles turn out to be a big deal. Without proper file names, it’s hard to find the right document.   Where document management systems prevail, lawyers and staff often fail to provide meaningful titles. So much so that you have to wonder how authors

Microsoft: Windows as Walls, Life with Walls

Microsoft ran a two-page-spread yesterday in the Wall Street Journal as part of its big new advertising campaign. In my view, consumers would be better off if MS spent money on developing better products than advertising.  The ad offers two tag lines: “Windows vs Walls̶

Sprint and Blackberry RIM – Customer Service Kills Personal Productivity

I am not a gadget guy but I do depend on my wireless PDA (smart phone) for phone calls, e-mail, web access, and web connectivity (phone as modem). With some trepidation, I decided to switch from my Palm Treo 700p to a Sprint Blackberry 8830. My trepidation was justifed. For the first

Are Computers Moodier than People?

It’s surprising, but computers seem less predictable and more moody than people.  Who would have thought that the seeming black and white of the binary world would lead to the moral equivalent of moodiness. And I don’t mean dystopian visions such as HAL in 2001. I mea