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Task Management Re-Visited (with Todoist)

I struggled a long time to find task management software I like. That struggle has ended: Todoist has been meeting my needs for 2 months now. Let me start with some context. At Fireman & Company we have tried several web-based, collaborative task managers. We were excited about As

New Year Personal Productivity Report

Each new year, I try one or more things to enhance my personal productivity. I report here on a new seat and a 7″ tablet, potential productivity boosters.  And also my productivity debacle courtesy of Yahoo Mail. Sitting Healthily. We can take a short- or long-term view of perso

My Cloud Romance is Over and Other Personal Productivity Updates

I periodically report on personal productivity issues based on my experience. I’ll start with the good news – a neat expense tracking app – and the move to the bad news, cloud disappointment and Verizon FIOS.  Expense Tracking Made Easy. I started using BizXpens

Personal Productivity Update

I report here on several recent initiatives to improve my personal productivity, some successful, some not.  Verizon Beats AT&T for Mobile Data Access. My most successful change has been switching from AT&T to Verizon for mobile voice and data. Until September, I used a

Legal Technology Productivity Quest – Even a Power User Can Learn New Tricks

Many professionals I have seen at a keyboard seem stuck at the Beginner level – even the “power users” among us. So rather than recommending specific tools or tips for legal technology beginners, I want to encourage an overall mindset of learning and improving. 

A No-Sacrifice Single Computing Device (of the Future)

My iPad is great but no way can I give up my PC. I long for a device that combines the benefits of both.  Last December in Tablets versus PCs I wrote that tablet computers do not replace PCs. The iPad is a great way to consume information plus its form-factor and screen paradigm

Tablets versus PCs

Evan Koblentz of Law Technology News asks today Will Tablets Replace Laptops? I think the answer is yes for some and false dichotomy for many.  I was a late tablet adopter, buying an iPad 2 in September of this year. A year earlier, at ILTA, I talked to a lot of my friends about

Does Apple Oversimplify Technology (or Under-Document)?

I like my iPhone and iPod but I am no Apple fanboy. After upgrading to iOS5 and trying to use iCloud yesterday and migrating these devices to a new PC 10 days ago, I am frustrated and have lost a lot of time.  I’ll start with a condensed narrative of my woes, then draw my c

My Digital "Aha" Moment and Shifting Paradigms

I just had a “Eureka” moment that touches on two of my favorite themes: things digital and change management.  For years, I have used a white noise machine as a sleep aid. At home, I actually use – gasp – an old-fashioned motor-driven, adjustable plastic c

Why Perfecting Software is Hard – A Response to My Month with Microsoft

Yesterday in My Month with Microsoft I wrote about my frustrations with Microsoft software. Legal project management expert Steven Levy of Lexician, who spent about 20 years working at MS, wrote a great and thoughtful comment on MS software, which I re-publish here.  Steve remind