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Outside Capital = Online Legal Services??

Legal market regulation in the UK is on the way to significant liberalization. It will be interesting to see if that affects the development of online legal services.  Government to implement key Clementi reforms in LegalIT (March 21) reports that the British government will move

Boom in Compliance Training

Though online legal services may have plateaued (see here), a Wall Street Journal article yesterday reports that online compliance training is booming.  In Training Firms Find Niche in Compliance Needs (subscribers to online WSJ, click here), the Journal reports on systems to edu

Online Legal Services Brief Update

I recently updated the list of online legal services that I maintain. There have been a few changes since the prior update in June.   New to the List: UK firm Morgan Cole offers tools to manage corporate employee policies and an employment e-learning service. US firm Littler Mend

Embedded Law Systems

I have previously suggested that corporate cost pressures will cause inhouse counsel to seek “embedded law systems,” that is, software that automatically detects possible legal problems. A recent press release by Aungate and an article on law firm outsourcing practices cau

Insightful Assessment of Online Legal Services

I recently wrote about Trends in Online Legal Services. One of my legal market friends offered some interesting comments that help explain why online services have so little traction.   Here is my friend’s analysis: “1. Law firms aren’t equipped to provide ongoi

Trends in Online Legal Services

In my prior post, Online Legal Services List Updated, I reported that in the last 18 months, there has been little apparent overall activity in online legal services. Updating the list of online legal services, however, did reveal some trends and tidbits.   A Caveat. Please note

Online Legal Services List Updated

I have updated the list of online legal services that I maintain. (I have also cleaned up the format a bit as well). The last full update was about 18 months ago. It’s fair to say the space is fairly quiet.  I and many others have long thought that law firms and private com

Corporate Counsel Provides Online Legal Service

In my prior post Thoughts on the Paucity of Online Legal Services, I suggested that one factor holding back development of online legal services is that the natural users, corporate counsel, lack the resources to develop them. It turns out this not universally true, as demonstrated by

Survey on Online Legal Services Topics

The article The Many Faces of E-Lawyering in the Jan/Feb issue of Law Practice provides a good survey of many online legal services topics.  The article, edited by Richard Granat and Marc Lauritsen, the Co-Chairs of the ABA eLawyering Task Force, is a compendium of several shorte

What Impeaching a Governor Teaches Us about Online Legal Services

The unauthorized practice of law (UPL) is a potential concern for those who wish to offer online legal services. Do UPL Restrictions Apply to Impeachment Lawyers from the The Connecticut Law Tribune on offers an interesting perspective on UPL.  The article discusses the p