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Court Applies UPL to Online Legal Service

A court has ruled that an online legal service engaged in the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).  A recent 9th Circuit case, In re Reynoso (2/27/07), holds that bankruptcy advice provided by an expert system “was the conduct of a non-attorney” and therefore “co

Foley's New Online Legal Service

Foley & Lardner understands the value it can provide clients beyond traditional legal advice.  In Foley & Lardner Promotes Legal Technology, I discussed Foley’s innovative extranets. Via Law Technology News (Dec 2006), I learned about Foley’s Private Equity

Monetizing Law Firm Insight

Investors today need more than information; they need insight. Can BigLaw monetize insight beyond dispensing advice?  Information drives winning investment strategies but traditional Wall Street information advantages are evaporating. The Internet has diminished the impact of hug

Foley & Lardner Promotes Legal Technology

Legal technology can be a competitive weapon for large law firms.  Foley & Lardner Leads the Way With Client Extranets (Legal Times, 11/30/06) reports on how Foley uses technology to serve clients. The firm has created customized extranets to share documents with client; one

Long Live the Dot-Com Boom

The dot-com boom is dead. Long live the dot-com boom. Two sites recently caught my eye as examples of why the boom has created a lasting legacy.  One site is a source for specialized information. Automatic external defibrillators (AED) are life saving devices that re-start a chao

Wither Online Legal Services?

In the BigLaw market, what is the fate of online legal services such as interactive advisory systems? It does not look good now but I am optimistic longer term .  Five Year Review Back to the Future in LegalIT (UK) provides a great perspective on recent legal technology trends. T

UK Legal Reform Moves Forward

Soon investors will likely be able to buy law firms in the UK. That should be good news for legal market innovation.  Legal Week reports on October 17th that the UK government is pressing ahead with the Clementi Commmission proposed reforms, which would allow 100% outside ownersh

Online Legal Service in Action

An October 5th press release (PDF) reports that Mavent has supplied Fannie Mae with an expert system to review loans for compliance with various statutues, regs, and guidelines.  According to the release “The Mavent Expert System is a comprehensive automated solution that s

New Online Services Initiative

I have long championed the idea of online legal services (online services list here and collection of articles here). So I was intrigued to read a recent American Lawyer magazine article (July 2005) that mentions a new online services initiative.  Clients Unite (at p. 22) reports

New Embedded Law System

Reed Smith recently announced a joint venture with DolphinSearch to create ComplianSeek, a product designed to help investment advisors meet regulatory requirements. This looks like what I have previously called an embedded law system.  I previously suggested that law firms could