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Client Facing KM and AI: Opportunities and Challenges

Client facing KM (knowledge management) and AI (artificial intelligence) have been topics of conversation at conferences and in articles for years. I revisited this topic when in a recent presentation at the International Bar Association Annual meeting in Washington, DC. My slides are

Putting Deep Legal Know-How Online: Cadwalader Cabinet

Some cabinets are bare, some are well stocked, some are chaotic, and some are organized. Cadwalader Cabinet, an online legal service covering financial regulations is not only well-stocked and well-organized, it is lovely to look at. I have a long standing interest and monitor develop

Automating Legal Advice: AI and Expert Systems

In 2015, we regularly read about automating legal advice with artificial intelligence (AI), especially with IBM Watson. In my view, the AI smoke – at least as described in many reports – exceeds the fire. In fact, I cannot name a single large law firm that has deployed a W

Law Firm R&D Initiatives Grow – Time for a League Table?

In the last 15 months, three large law firms announced legal tech R&D initiatives. Dentons issued a press release in May reporting that its new venture, NextLaw Labs,  is “a global collaborative innovation platform focused on developing, deploying, and investing in new techn

Client Facing KM at Baker Donelson – Live Ark KM Post

What is the future of client-facing legal knowledge management? That is the topic of this Ark KM 10th Annual Conference.  The session description and speaker information is appended below. (Live post: please forgive typos and errors.) Panelists: Meredith L. Williams, JD, Chief Knowled

Big Law Changing or Being Disrupted?

The legal market has seen a running debate since the economic crash: is Big Law being disrupted?  My short answer is no, it’s only changing. It’s not the three conferences in February alone on this question that prompt me to write today.  Rather, it’s the appearance

Shifts in the Legal Market Summed Up in 4 Tweets

My post last week, State of the US Legal Market Summed Up in 3 Tweets, showed large law firms responding to flat demand by merging and cutting costs. Like last week, my current Tweets of the Week again happen to tell a story. They offer a look at another aspect of the legal market, th

Explaining the Dearth of Large Law Firm Client Facing Systems

I’ve been disappointed not to see more client-facing systems in the legal market. I recently wrote an article suggesting potential explanations.  That article was published in the premier issue (March 2013) of Legal It Today, available for download and subscription here. Yo

The Current State and Future of Big Law Online Legal Services

I recently updated my list of online legal services. Since the prior update in 2006, there has been less online legal service activity than I expected. With clients using outside counsel less and pressing for better value, however, I believe law firms can gain new business by developi

Iron Tech Lawyer Competition at Georgetown Law School

On Thursday I attended the Iron Tech Lawyer Competition at Georgetown Law School. Six student teams presented legal advisory systems they built in a competition that will pit the Georgetown winner against New York Law School winner. It’s great to see an innovative law school cla