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Legal Operations – What We Know Now

Legal business operations, especially in corporate law departments, is on the rise.  Lawyers in both law firms and law departments require an array of business and administrative support. That support makes a huge difference to legal cost, effectiveness, quality, and turnaround times.

Delivering what clients want + getting paid for it (Live from #COLPM Futures)

This is a live blog post from the College of Law Practice Management 2016 Futures Conference (link to PDF of agenda). As a live post, please forgive any typos or misunderstandings of meaning. This session is How will we better deliver what clients want, and get paid for it? The sessio

Reinventing Traditional Support Staff Roles in a Buyer’s Market (#ILTACon Live)

This is a live blog post from ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. This session, #ILTA158, is Reinventing Traditional Support Staff Roles in a Buyer’s Market (#ILTACon Live) with panelists Florinda Baldridge of Norton Rose Fulbright, Sc

The Coming Changes in How Lawyers Practice

In this century we have seen dramatic changes in the legal market. From a period of plenty, we moved to one of seeming scarcity. Many commentators suggest that the legal market has been, is being, or will be disrupted. I have a different point of view: if the 2007-10 economic crisis d

Flex by Fenwick – A Strategic Approach to Service Delivery

FLEX by Fenwick is Fenwick & West LPP‘s 90-lawyer-strong interim in-house counsel business that “is the only service backed by an AmLaw 100 firm that provides custom solutions for interim in-house legal needs.” I have long followed alternative lawyer staffing mod

What’s Easier to Learn? Law or Statistics?

“Much of the ‘knowledge’ of lawyers can be acquired and accessed by many other means. The only thing over which a law firm has an entrenched monopoly are those aspects of risk and ‘assurances’ to the client that there are disciplinary consequences for a f

Who’s Managing Big Law Alternative Staffing?

Altman Weil’s recently released 2016 Law Firms in Transition survey is good reading for all law firm management. For me, the questions it raises are the number of non-partner track lawyers and who’s managing Big Law alternative staffing? The survey found that a “majo

What are the Managing Partner, Practice Group Leader and COO Thinking? (Live from P3)

This is a live post from P3, the Practice Innovation Conference. This session is What are the Managing Partner, Practice Group Leader and COO Thinking?.  I have appended the session description and speaker bio at the end of this post.  [I post this as a session ends so please forgive

The Future of Legal Talent – Not Lawyers?

A Deloitte February 2016 report, Developing legal talent: Stepping into the future law firm, suggests that by 2025, UK law firms will need a broader skill mix to remain successful. I agree but take issue with Deloitte on how to manage that mix. The report finds that firms will have to

Is Legal Ripe for an Uber-like Disruption?

Is legal ripe for an Uber-like disruption? That is the question my friends at Logikcull posed to me when they invited me to an audio interview. My short answer: no! In October 2015, I spoke with Logikcull on innovation and disruption in the legal market. The audio is at the Logikcull