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Comments on and Implications of Secretarial Cutbacks in Large Law Firms

Last week in Client Service Lessons from a Large Law Firm Secretarial Cut I wrote about law firm secretarial cutbacks and the implications for client service. Three readers, each an accomplished blogger, commented on the post, which I reproduce here, plus my own observations on their

Law Firms Gaining Flexibility in Lawyer Staffing

In the New Normal of the legal market, law firms must think carefully about adding the fixed cost of new full-time lawyers. Three news items this week, a Citibank law firm report, a Freshfields launch, and an Altman Weil survey, highlight this concern.  Among the 176 large law fi

Client Service Lessons from a Large Law Firm Secretarial Cut

ALM’s Daily Business Review reported Friday that Greenberg Traurig lays off staff to achieve 4-to-1 attorney-secretary ratio. Firms may find this news startling or old hat. For me, it speaks to the issue of improving law firm service delivery. The article notes that with “

The Imperative to Improve Law Firm Service Delivery

Clients assume lawyers have the right expertise and will deliver good outcomes. For all but a few matters, to keep and win work, firms must create a good client experience by customizing and optimizing service delivery.  I start with a couple of observations from outside legal ab

The Future of BigLaw

Does BigLaw have a future?  Two pieces yesterday remind us that the legal market faces peril and change. Jordan Furlong, in Losing the Confidence Game, points out six trends that threaten lawyers. He concludes by wondering whether lawyers are up to meeting the challenges. Almost

Measuring Legal Outcomes and Client Experiences

Paul Lippe, founder and CEO of Legal Onramp and ABA Journal Legal Rebels series contributor, asks a great question: Where Are the Legal Jeremy Lins?.  He writes in a March 13th article so titled “How often in law do we look at what really happens with something we do (outco

Why BigLaw Needs a Chief of Client Experience

Last week I wrote that law firms need the equivalent of conductors and composers to orchestrate how they deliver service to clients. The Wired GC’s post yesterday, What if Law Firms Priced Like Apple?, serves as a springboard to extend this thinking.  His post points out th

Optimizing the Law Firm Client Experience

Large law firms can no longer count on profit growth. With demand flat and buyers gaining power, firms must battle for share of market.  The easiest way to grow market share is winning a bigger share of wallet, that is, the percent of a client’s total legal spend. To do so,

Open Letter to BigLaw Managing Partners: Four Imperatives for 2012 and Beyond

Dear BigLaw Managing Partner: You recognize that the Old Normal is gone. Inertia may carry you a bit but change looms. If you are not retiring soon or if you want to help your younger partners, you need to take four actions to thrive in the New Normal. They’re hard and will take

Toward More Rational Law Firm Lay-offs

It’s hardly news that a US or UK law firm lays off lawyers and staff. Hogan & Hartson’s buyout of selected staff my eye. Hogan & Hartson offers buyouts to 240 staffers (National Law Journal, 10 Feb 2009) reports that the firm is offering buyouts to 240 legal secret