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Global Law Firms and Client Service

Press reports today say Fulbright will merge with Norton Rose. Last week came the news that SNR Denton will merge with Salans (Europe) and Fraser Milner (Canada). What will this mean for client experience and service delivery?  We now see the rise of ever larger, multinational la

The Sound of Law Firm Client Service

What is the sound of outstanding law firm client service?  That’s a rhetorical question inspired by a Wall Street Journal article today, The Search for Sweet Sounds That Sell, which holds hidden lessons for law firms. It describes how makers of consumer product goods invest

BigLaw May be in for a Rough Ride

I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop in the BigLaw market.  Consider the following items over the last 10 days that discuss the woes of large law firms: Law Firms Wring Out Back-Office Costs in the Wall Street Journal on law firms opening low cost service centers a

Futures Conference – What to Expect in the Legal New Normal

The College of Law Practice Management presents the Futures Conference on October 26-27, 2012 at Georgetown Law in Washington, DC. Anyone interested in the future of law practice and legal business should attend. Click here to register  Below you will find the program in chronolo

BigLaw Growth is Dead – Lower Cost Support Tipping Point?

Skip this post if you believe the BigLaw market will return to its pre-2007 state. If not, does your firm have a strategy to control and reduce costs? Two reports last week remind us of the tough market Biglaw faces. Bruce MacEwen, aka Adam Smith, Esq., has written three masterful ins

InnovAction 2012 Awards Highlight Legal Project Management and Process Improvement

The College of Law Practice Management announced this week the winners of the 2012 InnovAction Awards. (I am a COLPM trustee.) InnovAction honors innovation in law practice management. This year, two law firms were honored, quoting from the College’s awards page: “Littler

Resistance is Futile

Sometimes I despair that the legal market never changes. Then I remind myself of the many past changes and signs of more to come.  Lawyers may object to change but the sweep of events proves that resistance is futile. Eventually, lawyers assimilate to the new thing. The ones who

Law Firm Strategy and Execution Taking Center Stage

A new report delivers more bad news about US large law firm performance. What should management do?  The just-released Hildebrandt Institute Q2 Peer Monitor Report observes “warning signs are emerging that the remainder of the year could pose numerous difficulties… A

What Law Firms Can Learn from Grocery Stores

Until 2008, demand for corporate legal services grew rapidly. Large law firms could prosper with little attention to strategy or service. Today, however, firms face flat demand plus competition from other firms and alternative legal services providers. To maintain or gain share and pr

Law Firm Doubles as an Alternative Legal Services Provider – Interview with BLP Lawyers on Demand

General counsels face continued pressure to control legal spending. One increasingly popular way to save is to use an “alternative legal service provider”, a company that charges less than large law firms. A few forward-thinking law firms have developed their own alternati